Airdrop Celebration: Defina Finance has Reached a Strategic Partnership with TheForce.Trade

Airdrop Information:

  • Start date: 12:00 p.m UTC
  • End date: 11:59 p.m UTC
  • Airdrop Pool size: 2,000 UST
  • Pool distribution: 100 lucky winners will get 20 $USDT each!

Airdrop Rules:

  1. Follow Defina’s Twitter:
  2. Follow TheForce.Trade Twitter:
  3. Retweet either Defina or TheForce.Trade’s Airdrop tweet and @ two friends.
  4. Join Defina’s Discord:
  5. Join TheForce.Trade Discord:
  6. Join Defina’s Telegram:
  7. Join TheForce.Trade Telegram:
  8. Complete Defina’s Discord Mission 1–3. This will grant you a NFT Mystery Box giveaway besides the USDT airdrop pool once the mission event is completed, read more about the mission details here. [OPTIONAL]
  9. Fill the google form to submit Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) wallet address:

About Defina Finance

About TheForce.Trade



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