Beta Bug Bounty Program Rewards

Hello Beta Testers! I hope you all enjoyed playing the beta game. We saw many of you shared your favorite heroes, Youtube gameplay videos and streams. Thanks for sharing your supports and loves. For the past week our team has been going through all your bug reports and beta suggestions, and as a team, we all would like to thank you for being so thoughtful and taking the time to write them out. We will be going through your feedback one by one and testing whether or not it is feasible for the game, making Defina a game thats created by the community for the community.

Below is the list of Bounty Hunters and Suggestions Providers we’ve collected from the Discord. Thanks again for all your reports and suggestions, they meant a lot to us!

Beta Bounty Hunters

Defina Beta Bugs Report from Defina Discord:

Defina Beta Suggestions from Defina Discord:

Your input is greatly appreciated and allows the team to make the game better for the official launch. Thank you again to all the beta players!

The team will work on improving the game and release another round of closed beta spots before the game officially launches, so stay active and keep an eye out for announcements!

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