Complete Mystic Point Guide: Grind your Mystery Boxes Now!

4 min readDec 25, 2021


Lost on how to get the new Mystic Chest using Mystic points 🥲 ? Well, you are in luck! This article explains on how to get Mystic Chests by using Mystic Points!

Let’s start with the Basics!

Step 1: Choose Auto-Mining in Main Menu

It’s beside Vrykos Tower

Step 2: Hire an Auto-Mining Machine to mine Mystic Points

Step 3: Select the amount of FINA you want to stake. (Minimum amount is 500 FINA.)

Players who will stake FINA will get Mystic Point rewards immediately. The Auto Mining Machine will also produce Mystic Points daily. Players need to log in daily to get their Mystic Point rewards in the Auto Mining Machine.

Each stake is 500 FINA, the table is a stats for 500 FINA staking.

Note: Once you have started Auto-Mine, you cannot cancel it until the mine matures.

Step 4: Redeem a Mystic Chest.

There are two types of Mystic Chests available in the Auto Mining Mode.

Discounted Mystic Chest: The number of purchases for the entire server is limited per day. It will refresh daily at 0 UTC.

Regular Mystic Chest: A regular priced Mystic Chest. Players can redeem unlimited times anytime.

Step 5: Open your Bag to Find Your Mystic Chest.

Use Mystic Shards to level up your Mystic Chest or you could open it right away

[Optional] Level up your Mystic Chest!

Using Mystic Shards on your Mystic Chest will increase EXP (random multiplier of 2, 5, and 10) to your Chest.

There is also a rare chance to directly level up your chest using one Mystic Shard

Step 7: Open the Mystic Chest

The Mystic chest grants you an item. You also have a small chance to get Mystery Box fragment or Mystery Box drop. The higher the level of the Mystic chest, the higher the drop rate of Mystery Box Fragment and Mystery Box drop. [If you get the Mystery Box related item drop you will always get 2 items like the picture below, as the drop rate are counted separately]

Mystic Chest Item Drop Rate

The higher the level of the Mystic Chest, the higher probability of getting Mystery Box fragment and Mystery Box.

  • Higher-level Mystic Chest also contains more items.

Read the picture below to check the available items for each Mystic Chest:

Claiming a Mystery Box From Mystery Box Fragments

1. Use 10 Mystery Box Fragments to redeem a Mystery Box Ticket.

2. Use the Mystery Box Ticket.

Once you click “Use”, we will send you a Mystery Box Voucher token to your wallet address. You need to wait for about an hour to receive it.

3. Log in to your profile on our website. Click Claim Mystery Box once.

4. Claim your Mystery Box.

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