Defina 1.2.3 Patch Update

1.2.3 Patch Notes

QoL Updates

  1. Amount of Health is placed right under the Health Bar.


  1. Mystic Chests
    The Mystic Points price of the discounted Mystic Chests in [Auto-Mining] will revert back to 500 Mystic Points per chest. Regular-priced Mystic Chests will still continue to increase weekly.
  2. Mystic Shards
    You can now purchase Mystic Shards using Mystic Points. It will also increase in price weekly until it follows the economic model.

Game Invitation System

  1. Go to [Settings]

Invitation Rules:

  1. You need to clear Adventure Area 4, Battle 1 to auto-generate an invitation code.
  2. Invites are only valid if the invitee spends 70 FINA and completes the tasks given. Rewards will be calculated on Monday 0:00 UTC weekly.

Easter Egg Hunt

About Defina



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