Defina Beta Game Access Instructions!

What an exciting time it is for the Defina community! We are now a step closer to play the game!

Below are the steps for you to follow before playing the beta, please provide us your email to get an access code and a wallet address so if you win the rank, we would be able to give out your rewards/ $FINA airdrops.

**If you do not see the #submit-beta-details channel, it means you do not qualify to access the beta game

You need to join to submit your info and get Beta Game updates, as well as chatting with other beta players :P

Steps to get registered:

  1. Type the command .beta <wallet address> <email address>

For example- .beta 0x0000000000000000000

3. Wait for the confirmation from the bot

Also, as a precaution, all of you should not rush to register. The bot has not been load tested and there will be some delays while adding the information. Please don't rush to register at once.

Important Timeline:

  1. Registration will end on September 17th ,4:00 p.m. UTC
  2. Invitation code will be sent out to the qualified players through email at a time between September 18th, 10:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m. UTC with an instruction of downloading the beta game
  3. The beta game server will start at 2:00 p.m. UTC, September 18th
  4. The PVP arena mode, Rebirth and Resonance system starting time will be announced through Twitter and discord
  5. The end of beta game test will be announced through Twitter and Discord
  6. The beta testing time is expected to be less than 7 days

Beta Info:

  1. After registration, each account will randomly get 16 heroes and 100 $FINA
  2. The beta game includes modes like PVE and Mining Fight at first; PVP arena will be released after 3–4 days along with “Rebirth” and “Resonance” system
  3. The server may temporarily shut down for a hotfix during the beta test period, players may experience login failure or an error, please try to log in again later

**We will announce the server shut down time through Discord and Twitter.

5. The main objective of the beta game is to allow players to play and test game functions, all values ​​will differ significantly from the official version.

6. The value of the beta game output in this test is 10 times that of the official version, and all consumption parts are 0.1 times of the official version. You will be able to level up faster for testing purposes.

Supported System for Beta

  1. Mac

Official game will support mobile apps as well.

Beta Bugs Bounty

Read more about the Beta Game Access Here:

We’ve extended the “extra beta access” event as we will start the beta test on September 17th instead of 16th. So if you wanna join the beta game, you still have time to win the access through participating the events listed in the above article.

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