Defina Bi-Weekly Report 2023: March 1st —March 15th

3 min readApr 29, 2023

Hello Definians!

Early March was filled with many adventures as we were featured in multiple platforms, hosted multiple giveaways, and had a fun discord event to celebrate a brilliant day. Did you remember what it was?

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Let’s get on what happened during the first two weeks of March!

Defina: Guild Wars#AMA

On March 1, we hosted an AMA about the Defina Guild Wars. There was an OAT claim for participating in the AMA:

Magic Square Featured Defina

On March 1, Defina had a magical start to the month as we made it on the Weekly Discovery list within the Magic Square app.

Gleam campaign with GameFi friends

On March 1, Defina collaborated with other projects in a Gleam giveaway. Did you give it a try?

Guild Wars tutorial series (video #4)

On March 5, Tradesgiving released another episode in the Guild Wars tutorial series. Who knew that there were potential special skill effects for these new set of heroes?

CARV Community Campaign

On March 7, we collaborated with CARV in a Community Campaign that ran until March 13. Were you one of the lucky winners?

Defina x LHUGame Giveaway

On March 9, LHUGame graciously gave our Definians 100 FREE Genesis Passes via a Gleam giveaway. All winners were notified.

Listing on BSC News

On March 9, Defina was listed in the BSC News website.

Defina Pi Day Event

We hosted a 24-hour discord event in celebration of Pi Day (March 14) where we asked Definians for their best math pick-up lines in order to win some in-game items. Did you get the right angle in winning Pythagoreas’ heart?

Defina Weekly Twitch Streams

Felipe’s weekly Defina streams are every Saturday at 3 PM UTC. Watch Felipe play and ask questions live!

Thank you all for supporting Defina ❤

About Defina

Defina is an innovative blockchain gacha game that embraces NFT technology that allows true ownership of acquired game assets in the game. Players can open Mystery Boxes, collect their favourite Hero NFTs and trade them in the marketplace. Level up your Heroes, Build amazing teams, Combat in PVP Arena and Battle Vrykos to save humanity from the brink of destruction! Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. Come join us as we build the Defina Metaverse together!

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