Defina Community Story Writing Contest I: Heroes’ Story & Background Competition

3 min readAug 23, 2021

Hello, Defina community members!

We are happy to announce our long-awaited writing contest! We hope you’re excited to flaunt your writing prowess and play an essential role in the creation of our heroes and Defina’s overall lore.

Our number-one objective is the following: make the competition fun, community-driven, fair, and efficient. To achieve this, we’ve come up with flexible participation rules.

We will provide the community with a list of heroes who will appear in the first version of Defina along with their names and images. Create a unique background and story for each character and contribute to Defina’s overall lore. You can either participate as an individual or you can team up with other community members. When in a group, we highly recommend you appoint a lead writer to make sure the story flows well with a unified theme.

Contest participation steps:

  1. Sign up to participate in the contest
  2. Submit your work by the scheduled deadlines
  3. Community members will vote for the team with the best hero descriptions and synopsis

To participate in the contest:

  • Fill out this google form and submit your info, including your Twitter and Discord ID. We will reach out to you and open up a writer’s lounge channel for you on our Discord. You could download this excel sheet to fill your creation.
  • We will give all members who intend to participate a “writer’s role” on Discord so you can find other members to team up with.

Lore elements:

Make sure your heroes’ backstories are consistent with Defina’s key lore elements:

  1. Reincarnation: you might’ve noticed that most of Defina’s heroes share their names with certain historic figures. Defina’s heroes are reincarnations of their past selves who now fight to heal the world from mutated zombies.
  2. Zombies: an unknown mutation outbreak has turned humans into blood-thirsty zombies. Groups of super-humans (Defina’s reincarnated heroes) fight the mutated zombies to bring peace to the world.
  3. Four organizations: four organizations — Spark, Holy Shield, Thoth Book, and Ourobros — have formed to fight against the outbreak. Each hero is a part of one of the four organizations.

Refer to Defina’s trailer for further inspiration.

Participants should submit the following:

  1. Excel sheet with each hero’s description by September 6th, 12:00 PM UTC
  2. A PDF/Google Doc link/Word document that contains a synopsis and background story of your version of the lore by September 13th, 12:00 PM UTC to

How will the winner be selected?

Once we receive all the submissions by the deadline, our team will review the submissions and we will set up a poll for the community to vote on their favorite synopsis. The details and steps of voting will be announced after we receive all submissions.


  • $200 USDT for the winning synopsis and character creations
  • Defina Discord Knight role for the winner/winning team

Asecond competition ($2,000 USDT reward) will be released for community members to write out a story based on the winning team’s synopsis and character creation. Details of the competition II will be annocused after competition I.

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