Defina Fam Ep. 1: Criptudos

5 min readFeb 22, 2022


Hello Definians, here’s the first episode of the Defina Fam Interviews! In these talks, we get a personal view of how our beloved community members got to where they are today.

In today’s event, we are excited to have Criptudos, an amazing content creator from Brazil! He has positively transformed many lives with his in-depth content and was one of the first pioneers of the scholarship concept. So let’s get into his journey ⭐.

Interview 😊

  1. Hello welcome! What does your username Criptudos mean? And where does your profile picture come from?

Criptudos: That’s a good one! Criptudos is the name of my scholarship. Criptudos was founded in June 2021 and was one of the first Axie scholarships in Brazil! Nowadays we are looking to expand to other scholarship games.

Quilzao is my personal nickname, I started to use it when I used to play Tibia(below) in the early 2000’s.

And my profile picture is a NFT named MetaKrew. The purpose of MetaKrew is to be your “identity” on the metaverse. It was airdropped to the holders of a NFT named The MetaKey. So, you can see I’m really enthusiastic about cryptos.

2. What made you get started with Axie scholarships and NFT games so early?

Criptudos: I love games and I always played them my entire life. When NFT games started and showed us the possibility to play, have fun and also earn some extra cash, it was one of the most amazing things! Initially, I was playing on my own and I saw the possibility to help some of my friends that were unemployed at that time to earn some extra cash, so I started the scholarship.

When the scholarship started to grow a lot in early July 2020, I had to teach each new scholar how to play, farm, set up a Metamask and that kind of stuff. So I started to make Youtube videos just to help other people to learn about it! Nowadays, my mission is to bring more people to the NFT gaming universe and try to help them to find excellent projects like Defina and avoid scams.

3. How did you like growing up in Brazil? What’s the crypto culture like over there?

Criptudos: Brazil is an awesome place to live, we have great opportunities here for those who are willing to work hard. Regarding the crypto culture here, it has a lot of controversies- a lot of misinformed people only think that cryptos are related to scams.

But on the other hand, the Brazilian community of NFT games is getting bigger each day and everyone likes to help each other. So, I’m really happy with the people that I interact with on my channel 😄!

4. How did you build such a passionate community?

Criptudos: I think the most important thing to build a community is to be honest and try to help as many people as possible and also to be open to learning every day with those from your community.

5. Why did you join the Defina community? What do you like about it?

Criptudos: First of all, Defina is a true game, that makes you think with strategy to try to build the best team and a great theme. Second, Defina has one of the most well-designed economic systems I’ve ever seen. I believe that Defina is just starting and has a great path to grow!

As long as Defina keeps making updates and showing people it’s a safe and fun game, more people are going to [flock] to this wonderful game! From my side, I can tell you guys from Defina Team are one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. You guys are really working hard on this game 👍!

6. Who are your favorite Defina characters?

Criptudos: That’s a tricky one, I really like Hasan and Hugo(above), I’d select both of them as my favorites.

7. Outside of crypto, what’s your favorite hobby?

Criptudos: Obviously my favorite hobby is playing video games! But I can’t do that all day, because I have to give some attention to my GF as well haha. so we always try to do something together!

8. If you had 100 BNB right now, which NFT games would you invest in?

Criptudos: Games that are already launched or close to launch: Defina, Mobox, and Mouse Haunt.

9. If you wanted the audience to take away one message from this interview, what would it be?

Criptudos: Guys, focus your time (and money) on real gaming projects[such as Defina] with a strong economic foundation, that’s the reason some games survive during crises and stay with a healthy economy after all!

10. Thank you for an awesome episode! Where may people find you?

Criptudos: Thank you for the opportunity to talk here and I’m really proud to be part of the Defina community. You can find me here:
Youtube | Instagram

Thank you beloved Definians for tuning in to our first episode! If you would like a certain guest on or would like to provide feedback, feel free to message us. Until the next one :)

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