Defina Fam Ep. 6: Ariel2k2

8 min readApr 13, 2022

Hello Definians, here’s the sixth episode of the Defina Fam Interviews! In these intimate talks, we get a personal view of how our beloved community members got to where they are today.

In today’s event, we are excited to have Ariel from Argentina, the head moderator of the Defina Telegram community! So let’s dive into his story 🌟.

Interview 📝

  1. Hey Ariel, happy to have you here man! How did you get started with NFT gaming and Defina?

Ariel: That’s a long story. I’m a natural gamer, but of course, Life happens. I’m a gamer since the first 5 ¼ diskettes golden years! (LoL Anyone else?). Defina is my 1st true GameFi experience as a player and its the best GameFi so far compared to the other games I’ve tried.

And my way to Defina, maybe it was destiny calling me, as I pave my path going here… That sounds crazy right?

2. Glad your destiny called you here as you’re amazing! So what made you want to become the head Telegram moderator? And what’s your experience been like working with the Defina team?

Ariel: Ok, let me think where is the start of this journey… 🤔. In my personal timeline, as a person and businessman, I did several things. I had a shop in MercadoLibre. This is like Amazon but in Argentina. It was a PlayStation 2 based business. Before that, throughout my childhood and adolescence, I helped my father in his business, which had various fields, including video games. Family Game system was the 🌟 I remember the cartridges.

Right after, came Sega Genesis and PSX. So… When I started to research the crypto world, GameFi attracted me a lot. So I decided to research more on GameFi then make an investment. At first, I was angry with myself because I did some bad GameFi investments. I don’t want to badmouth them though. Also in the GameFi research work I’ve done, there is always some guy/girl talking about a very cool game that was about to launch on some IDO platforms.

Then I discovered Defina. I didn’t join the IDO but I bought $FINA after the token launch in BSC. That was one all-in move.After that, I joined the TG chat and it got me completely! I saw a wonderful community that was starting and I also realized that behind all this there was a great team. So without this being in my original plans, I started talking to some members of the team and they trusted me and of course in this I have to emphasize that it was John who gave me the opportunity to start working with Defina. And now I’m part of this worldwide kind, professional, and non-stop working FAMILY.

3. Wow thank you so much for sharing your journey-it’s been a really great pleasure working with you so far! Something I’ve noticed about you is that you’re very resourceful! Like you know how to find the latest trends, gem posts, and etc. How do you recommend people research to find the best news like you?

Ariel: I think it was the experience in the field of sales and also some e-commerce years that maybe enhanced my skills in some way. I’m very curious too LoL. I think that also something that can be good or bad, depending on how one sees it and how one practices it, I have a very high self-demand for myself.

4. Haha, the experience definitely shows! And speaking of sales/marketing, what do you believe the marketing team should focus on this year?

Ariel: I sincerely believe that we have everything necessary and even more to meet the requirements of our most demanding players and investors. The work that is done day by day, week by week, and even our roadmap several years from now, is impressive.

So I think we should emphasize two things: communication and content on our social networks. The first is to reflect our product and potential, which is HUGE. The second is a very personal matter is to be able to take Defina to the real world. Beyond the networks, screens, computers, cell phones… Make Defina can also be part of that real and palpable real world. Merchandise is getting ready too 🔥.

5. Yes! I can’t wait for the merch like real-life gacha boxes to be made aha. Which Defina hero would you want as an action figure?

Ariel: Mmm I like Paris(above). But I’m falling in love with Alexander too 👀.

6. Great choice with those two! So I heard you grew up in Bueno Aires, Argentina! How’d you like growing up there? And what do people think of crypto in your hometown?

Ariel: Argentina is one of the countries that seamlessly adopted crypto. Argentinians are very wild in business LoL. So I think that we like the idea about to make profits by investing in crypto. Growing up in Argentina for me is a blessing. I love the entire world and traveling is always a pleasure. I love my country. Of course, Argentina had, has, and will have problems. But well, like any population, we always seek and find a way to move forward despite all these problems.

I believe that the world is in a stage of amazing revelation, where perhaps a deep reflection on the problems we face as a global society and not particularly any country. Perhaps that reflection can lead us to the necessary solutions to make this a better world for everyone, I mean every living creature, not only humans. You tell me if I’m going too far 😆.

7. Those are some very deep insights, and I also hope everything turns out better for everyone! Very curious, where was the most interesting place you’ve traveled to?

Ariel: Punta Cana, República Dominicana (above) definitely. In this way, I met a lot of local people, including the hotel workers, and I was also able to share with some guests from all over the world, exchanging ideas and talks, which made this cultural exchange something very enriching for me.

The most valuable thing I take away from there is having met the hotel workers who, sometimes very distant from the guests, do their work very hard and have quite a difficult life at home, but despite that, they were always with a good disposition and a smile for each of us. Rui Macao was my all-inclusive choice. Adults only.

Well, maybe I can confess one of my personal dreams with which I don’t want to compromise anyone on the team but… One of my dreams is that Defina can have his own foundation someday. Even if it is a small work… every grain of sand adds up!

8. Wow that place looks like the perfect getaway spot haha. And what foundation would you start with Defina? 😊

Ariel: It seems to me that in any case, we could start paying special attention to what we have closest to us, in our neighborhoods, in our districts… There are always small needs that can be satisfied with works that are, of course, honest and transparent. What can be almost nothing for some of us can be very much and vital for some people.

I believe more in those small causes… That person who lacks a work tool, that person who suffered a robbery and cannot continue working, that person who has a disability and therefore does not have the same possibilities as others.

9. You’re right, helping our own smaller communities is often forgotten! Last question since I know you’re super busy aha. What’s the most important thing you wish for people to take away from being involved with the Defina community?

Ariel: I think it can be synthesized quite easily with 2 questions.. Are you enjoying it and did you enjoy your experience with Defina?

If the answer is yes, or rather positive for both scenarios, because of course.. I understand that certain investors and players may not be with us forever and that is not bad! Because as we said, life happens. If they’ve enjoyed their experience, then we are on the right track!

In this way, what I think is important is that all of them have the experience of enjoying this journey, together with us 💓.

10. What a heartwarming response 😊. Thank you for coming on here! Where else may people find you on social media?

Ariel: Ohh I’m ariel2k2 in Instagram. If they go in there, they might see a crazy guy singing. I love Keane, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Hozier. Here’s a short one. Cover your ears 😉.

Lastly, I want to thank the entire Defina team, of course first to John, who gave me the opportunity and listened to me. Nikki, Kiki, Grass, Sophie, Yen… We have amazing women in the team, very kind, smart, and talented.

Mochuck, Helius, Jieret, Thief, Jasper, Link… All our TG and DC communities, mods, knights, community members, and admins of this wonderful FAMILY and OF COURSE [YOU] TradesGiving!

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. A pleasure to have this chat. Now I’ll continue with my daily tasks!

Thank you beloved Definians for tuning into our sixth episode! If you would like a certain guest on or would like to provide feedback, feel free to message us. Until the next one 💛.

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