Defina Fam Ep. 7: Helius

Interview 📝

Hi Helius, glad to have you here today! How did you get started with graphic designing and NFT gaming?

It’s awesome that Defina was your first NFT gaming experience! So how did you find out about Defina and start working for the team? Your edits are awesome!

Glad you had such a great experience with the community! We love having you here 💓. If you could design a skin for a character, who would it be?

Morgan Le Fay Edit by Helius

Can’t wait to see them! Also noticed you’re in the Champions program. What’s your experience been like there? And how do you think we can expand it in the long term?

That feature would be excellent haha. Heard you were a big League of Legends fan! Who’s your fav character in it? And what do you feel is something Defina can learn from LoL to apply here to improve?

Great ideas, will note them down 📃. I believe you mentioned you were from Krakow, Poland! How did you like growing up there? And what do people from there generally think of crypto?

Wow I love your love story and how you both met! Who will be the first couple of Defina 😳? Here’s a last question I’m curious to learn from you. If someone wanted to learn a new creative skill, how would you recommend them go about it?

Great advice about taking their time to discover their creativity. Thank you for coming on here! Where else may people find you on social media? And was there anyone or anything you wanted to shout out?

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