Defina Finance Bi-Weekly Report: September 1 — September 15

Entering September, the Defina community maintains a high degree of enthusiasm. We have seen results from the many exciting community events, including Mission Event, a weekly Friday Reward party, an Emoji creation contest, a Defina hero story writing contest, etc.

Many outstanding and enthusiastic community members have emerged and obtained different community roles, such as Defina Boosters, who are helping community servers, Defina Knights, who actively helps community users, the talented Defina Writers creating amazing stories, outstanding Pioneers in mission reward activities, Active Players, highly active users in the community, and last but not least, the Moderators and Volunteers who have been serving the community, and so on.

🎊Community Events

  • The Defina Story Writing Contest has also come to an end. Thank you to all the Defina Writers for bringing the Defina heroes to life and completing an amazing job together! We’ve opened a voting channel called #Defina Characters, with each hero in a sub channel, please vote for your favorite story and the story with the most votes will be the winner!The voting results will be announced next week.
  • A new round of Defina Knights voting event is underway. Community members are welcome to actively follow and participate. Please visit the relevant channels to vote for who you think is qualified to become a Defina Knight.
  • Defina Finance will officially release the closed beta version of the game on September 18 th. We will invite users with roles such as Defina Knights, Pioneer, Defina Writers, Active Player, Defina Booster, and Moderator to participate in the beta game. Community members are requested to follow the announcement requirements to obtain the beta game invitation code. In addition, there will be a live channel on Discord, so those who don’t have a chance to try the beta game can still see and learn some game skills from the beta players!

Read more about the beta info below:

Defina Genesis NFT Launchpad Details

  • ​​Date: September 20th
  • Time: 2:30 p.m UTC [Early Access Sale]
  • Time: 3:30 p.m UTC [Public Sale]
  • Number of NFT issued: 500 NFTs
  • Issuance price: 200 BUSD/NFT
  • Airdrop Allocation: 250 $FINA at the date of $FNA Token Generation Event (TGE), 250 $FINA will be airdropped one month after the TGE.

Read more about the Defina Genesis NFT Launchpad here:

🤝 Strategic Partnership

  • On September 6, the crypto investment fund and social media Gem Hunter established a partnership with Defina Finance.
  • On September 7, Defina Finance officially announced that it had received a strategic investment from OKEx Blockdream Ventures, a blockchain fund owned by Ouyi OKEx. OKEx Blockdream Ventures is committed to discovering and investing in the most cutting-edge product technology innovation blockchain projects, investing and supporting new projects in terms of capital and resources, helping the development of the industry, and promoting the progress of the underlying technology of the global blockchain industry.
  • On September 11, Defina Finance and Titans Ventures, an investment fund, established a strategic partnership. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in social media market expansion and community growth.

We’re only half way through September and we have already achieved so much! Thank you for all of your continuous love and support for Defina. Our team will keep working hard to make Defina a game you’ll love playing. If you’re a new member, don’t hesitate to join us, we have much more planned in the future. Visit our Discord channel for more information.

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