Defina Finance Live Streaming Event in Decentraland is coming up

Hi Definians!

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks since we’ve announced our Squid Game mode for early 2022. The Defina community on Twitter has reached 30,000 followers! The Defina NFT marketplace has been operating smoothly since its launch. The total transaction volume has exceeded 700,000 $FINA! Alongside some good news such as Huobi Ventures’ investment and the Open Beta game launch yesterday. Defina is going to organize a live streaming event in Decentraland next week!

Date: 4th of December 2021, Saturday

Time: 3UTC-4UTC 23:00pm GMT+8



  • 3 Mystery Boxes

Take photos (screenshots) at Defina’s booth and tweet @DefinaFinance, @decentraland. After the event, 3 lucky participants will be selected via Twitter based on the amount of likes they received!

Defina Finance team will take a snapshot of all tweets that @ us at 6/12/2021 12PM UTC. The winners will be announced ASAP.

What are Mystery Boxes?
Each mystery box contains 1 Defina hero (market price up to 500 FINA ≈💰3000 USD💰), which can be used to earn while playing in the game. Players need at least 4 different heroes to play the game. Currently players have two ways to get heroes. One way is to buy a mystery box, which will randomly get a hero from the pool. The price of the box is fixed. The second way to obtain heroes is to buy them in the market where players trade heroes. The price of heroes in the secondary market will be determined by the seller.

  • 2000 POAP

First come first serve!

What is a POAP in Decentraland?
POAP is a unique NFT badge issued to participants in virtual and real world events. The NFT badge issued by this event can prove that you have participated in the Defina event. Each badge is unique, which means that the only way to get POAP is to participate in the event this time!

POAP website:

POAP app:

About Defina Finance

Defina Finance is a fascinating blockchain game that combines the concept of DeFi and NFT. Players can buy or collect various NFT Mystery Boxes to get heroes & weapons as well as fight and enhance their champions to learn skills in numerous game scenarios. Players can participate in DeFi yield farming and earn abundant on-chain earnings while enjoying a fun and strategic game with PVP and PVE modes. Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. Come create-to-earn with us as we build the Defina metaverse together!

Define your destiny, conquer your enemy & earn FINA daily!

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About Decentraland

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications. The limited, traversable 3D virtual space in Decentraland is called LAND, which is an irreplaceable digital asset maintained in an Ethereum smart contract. The land is divided into plots identified by Cartesian coordinates (x,y). These plots are permanently owned by community members and purchased using Decentraland’s cryptocurrency token MANA. This gives users complete control over the environments and applications they create, ranging from static 3D scenes to more interactive applications or games. Some plots are further organized into themed communities or regions. By organizing plots into districts, communities can create shared spaces with common interests and uses.

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