Defina Hero Feature Update: Merge! Level Up your Hero’s Rarity to Boost their Power!

4 min readNov 14, 2022


Note: The merge feature will be live on Nov 15th, 2 PM UTC. Read the rules below to learn first!

Hello Definians!!

Your dreams are finally answered! You can now get an SSS Zorro in the new Hero feature update! Through the merge feature, you will be able to unlock your heroes' potential to the next level by leveling up their rarities! An SSS Zorro is no longer a dream 😜!

The new feature update also brings the upcoming next generation of heroes! Besides that, new heroes will only be minted through the feature of “random merge”. Are you ready for those new heroes?

2nd Generation of Defina New Heroes

Now, let’s get started with the exciting feature and see who could get all those new heroes!

Merge Rule Explained

Mystery boxes will now be available at all times.
Get one here!

Note for old players:
This update uses a new smart contract for your NFTs, please mirror your 1st Generation Hero to the new smart contract. Your hero’s stats and skills will be the same, the ID will be the same as well.

To mirror your Generation 1 Defina Hero NFTs, please refer here.

You will need multiple Defina Heroes of the same rarity to merge.

How to Get Defina Hero NFTs

Get Mystery Boxes in this link

or buy Heroes directly from the TheForceTrade Marketplace
Cost : 3 BUSD/Mystery Box

Open Mystery Boxes

The updated Mystery Box will only contain random A or S level heroes. The probability of getting A and S heroes is 60% and 40% respectively.

How to Merge Heroes

1. Go to the

[Main Card and [Supplement Card] are editable.

2. Choose a [Main Card]

Main Card is the Hero NFT that will be used as the base of the Merge Hero.

For Designate Merge: The Main Card Hero will be retained after merging, you will get the same hero as your Main Card with a higher rarity.
For Random Merge: The Hero will be randomized after merging, you will get a random hero with a higher rarity.

3. Choose [Supplement Card]

A supplement card will be used to power up the Main Card. It will be burned once the merge succeeds.

[Supplement Card] is denoted by a yellow checkmark while the [Main Card] is denoted by a green checkmark.

3. Merge and Wait!

Note: There will be a one-time cost to approve the merge function.

You can view your new merged characters in

Merge Options

- Designate Merge

The [Main Card] will be the same hero after merging.

Example: [Main Card] SS Paris has been merged with the [Supplement Card] SS Hugo. SS Hugo will be consumed by SS Paris. SS Paris will now be SS+ Paris when the merge is successful.

- Random Merge

The [Main Card] will be a random hero from the Hero Pool after merging.

You can only get new heroes by Random Merge.

Rarity Rank, Merge Fees, and Success Rates:

Merge fee and the success rate varies between different rarities.

Note: You will pay in BNB but the reference amount in BUSD is shown below.

Are you ready to get your new heroes Definians?

And here is the list of all heroes and their representation of the World Cup team for the Top 16 Event:

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Thank you for supporting Defina!

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