Defina Received a Strategic Investment From Huobi Ventures!

We are delighted to announce that Huobi Ventures has made a strategic investment to Defina Finance. Defina will collaborate closely with Huobi Ecosystem to explore gamefi and metaverse development using NFTs and defi with blockchain technology to build an impactful Gamefi Metaverse project.

Defina is honored to join Huobi’s ‘Early-stage Gamefi Investment’.

“We think that going forward, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize gaming business models and will play a core role in the next generation of games,” says Unica Yin, director of strategic investments at Huobi Ventures.

Defina Team is confident and ambitious to be one of the pioneers in the revolutionary of the gaming industry. We are looking forward to exploring more potentials and opportunities with our investors.

Further positive news is the Defina team is preparing to have cross-chain expansion for its long-term growth strategy. In order to carry out this strategy, the team needs to establish the bottom layer and database planning at an early stage before the launch of the game. Defina community members could expect the game to launch in late November. As the team successfully builds the fundamentals of cross-chain expansion, it will allow us to explore the HECO ecosystem in the future to allow HECO and players from other ecosystems to join the Defina world.

About Defina Finance

Defina Finance is a fascinating blockchain Metaverse game that combines the concept of DeFi and NFT. Players can buy or collect various NFT Mystery Boxes to get heroes & weapons as well as fight and enhance their champions to learn skills in numerous game scenarios. Players can participate in DeFi yield farming and earn abundant on-chain earnings while enjoying a fun and strategic game with PVP and PVE modes. Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. Come create-to-earn with us as we build the Defina metaverse together!

Define your destiny, conquer your enemy & earn FINA daily!

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About Huobi

Huobi Group is a world-leading company in the digital economy space, with a mission to create breakthroughs in core blockchain technologies and integrate blockchain technology into other industries. With its focus on both upstream and downstream sectors, Huobi Group has expanded operations with industry blockchains, public blockchains, digital assets trading, crypto and blockchain wallets, industry research and more.

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