Defina Telegram AMA Recap 06/24/22

Hello Definians!

Below is the transcript of the Telegram AMA held at June 24, 2022 at 4PM UTC.

Ariel: ‼️ AMA STARTING ‼️ 🌟 Hello! DEFINIANS 🌟 ⚔️
The AMA session is going to begin now and I am muting the chat. Firstly, I would like to thanks ⭐️ Nikki for making some spare time to join this AMA.

Nikki: Thanks Ariel for hosting the AMA. Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying the upcoming weekends. Are you ready for the upcoming reveals of the Finaverse, should we get started now? 😛

Ariel: It’s a pleasure for me 🤩 So just to let everyone know, there will be 2 part of today’s AMA session. The first one will be between me and ⭐️ Nikki where she’ll be answering your submitted questions. And on the second part we will open up the chat for the community for 3 minutes and you can share your questions in the chat. After 3 minutes the chat will again be closed and ⭐️ Nikki will pick up some best questions. Also, she’ll will choose the best 5 questions and will reward the users with 5 Mystery Boxes 🎁

Without further delay let’s get started!

Thank you all for coming and giving us your questions in the excel file we have shared. Please note some questions may have been merged with other questions as they have the same answer. The questions has been gathered from both CN and English Excel forms. The entire AMA will be translated into Chinese after the AMA. If your question is not answered, the question may have fall on the following:

1. Breach of privacy between the Defina team and its partners
2. An extremely vague or broad question.
3. Low quality.
4. Cannot be given a specific date.

Nikki: The team recognizes that the current market is on a downtrend and in a fearful situation. We had internal meetings that resulted in our decision to release an extremely large game update instead of releasing multiple small updates when the market recovers. While the market is still bearish, it will also give time for the game developers and testers to fix game bugs. Additionally, choosing the right timing and using a planned campaign would be better than releasing in a stressful market.

We have completed some of the smart contracts needed for Finaverse and they have been sent to an auditing company for review. We also had a small group of professional testers to try out the smart contract and currently alpha testing some of the features of Finaverse.

Strategically, in the past two weeks, we also had an internal discussion about the game design to make sure we are on the right track. We have identified what a blockchain game should look like in the future and what are the problems of current GameFi that the team is solving.

Currently, there has been no recorded perfect economic model in GameFi. After discussion and analysis of our past performance, we came up with a conclusion that a healthy economic model should be self-sustainable through the different needs from the players where demand should be circular and rarely from the team giving out rewards.

We have identified what kind of players exists:

  1. Whales who pay-to-play for entertainment
  2. Investor-Players who want to earn from the game
  3. Players who pay a little bit to enjoy the game

The game design should be able to allow those different needs to be matched up so the supply and demand of the token are circulated through the players instead of mainly minted from the reward pools. The rewards pool should be used to reward well-performing players. Investor-Players should strategize on how they will be able to earn from the game by utilizing the needs of the other players. We recognize there will be bots who would try to abuse the system and we will put multiple mechanisms to prevent them from starting in the first place.

Second, blockchain technology has a problem of attracting new people as the barrier of entry is too high and complex for a regular user. To solve this problem, the team will adopt an in-game wallet, make Defina available in Apple Appstore and Google Play Store, and other mechanisms to make it convenient for new players to play Defina.

Third, a good game should foster social features that allow players to interact with other players to meet players’ psychological needs. Hence, Finaverse will also add social features into the game to allow players to trade with each other and battle freely.

Nikki: The whitepaper hasn’t been updated as we are still constantly brainstorming and developing Finaverse. We don’t want to reveal too much about the specifics as a game should be an exploration for players. Revealing too much will be our downfall as competitors can simply copy our formula🙈. We will reveal the full whitepaper when the release date of Finaverse has been announced😉. Please stay tuned!

Nikki: Yes! Any items that are not usable in Finaverse will be recycled from system buyback.

Nikki: Private land price has not been determined. In the development pipeline, discussion of its price has been pushed back as we will be adding sociable aspects such as server chats, guild system chats in Public Land. Price will be given 2–3 weeks before the land sale.

Nikki: We have completed private land features and its necessary artworks. We are also improving QoL, UI/UX in Finaverse. The team is currently focusing on developing Public Land and other mechanisms such as server chats. The hiccups are the new art designs of the new features, a pet system that is viewable in battles that are still being developed..

Nikki: We have noted this suggestion☺️. We will start sharing behind the scene development to the community as requested..

Nikki: I couldn’t give you guys specific gameplay of the new game modes but will be able to share some general ideas 😉

  • There will be a trading market to allow players to trade resources and items freely
  • Players will be able to collect resources and forge them into special items/pet/weapons
  • There is a star map to enhance the strategic gameplay of forming teams
  • Roguelike PVE
  • Free-to-play trial out feature to attract new curious players
  • Elimination Tournament System that allows players to watch and bet on the winning team
  • New Pet system
  • Public land and private land

Nikki: 🤔No specific number or range yet as the return is varied based on each player’s game strategy on the multiple game modes that will exist in Finaverse. So it’s hard to give you guys an estimation..

Nikki: The marketing team in the bear market would issue updates about the development and give out sneak peaks for the players. No large-scale marketing as it is not appropriate for the current market conditions. We will also work on securing and onboarding new ambassadors and KOLs to get ready for our new game launch at the right time💪. Furthermore, as we would love to bring more traditional players to Finaverse, we will also adopt the traditional gaming marketing strategy to attract more traditional players..

Nikki: Yes, we did. We have enough funds to sustain the company and our development team is an in-house development team. That’s why we also had multiple discussions to make sure the decisions we make are long-term focused and sustainable instead of just focusing on the short-term solution. The market outlook needs changes and the blockchain market needs a good game to truly bring the blockchain values to the players. We want to be the pioneer of that so we will stick to our values and focus on developing a good game without losing our vision.

Nikki: Of course! We are really grateful and thankful to our core players and supporters, there will be rewards and sharing profit with the core players in the future. More details will be released later once all the things are tested out and developed. Genesis NFT holders will also be part of the group we will reward.

Nikki: The team has their focus first on the foundation of the game mechanics such as Finaverse and releasing them. Don’t worry, we have considered partnering with traditional anime/manga partnerships but not now. For Defina anime or manga to be created, we would also require a story plot and our hero backgrounds to be created. Don’t forget to vote in Discord for the 12 new heroes’ background stories! ☺️

Nikki: Yes, it will be limited. Private lands will be purchasable after players have played the new game modes in Finaverse and tested Public Land😋.

Nikki: This is a good question! However, I couldn’t reveal the specifics yet🙊 but yes, a very exciting mechanic will be implemented for players to maximize the potential of each hero.

Nikki: This is another good question and an interesting suggestion too☺️! We will have a trading platform for players to trade their items, so let’s see if the trading platform solves the problem of excessive items first. If not, we could vote to let the dev to create a merge potion option for the players.

Ariel: Sounds great ⭐️ Nikki 🤩 I’ll un-mute the chat now! I know our DEFINIANS have some good questions!

Nikki: Sure, let’s get started and open the floor to more questions from the players☺️

Ariel: Slow mode will be enabled so please DEFINIANS use the chat only for questions! Any other messages will be deleted! ⭐️ Nikki will answer ✅

Please note that questions that have only been answered by Nikki will be written on this transcript. Grammar will not be corrected.

Nikki: Hopefully, the market won’t be bearish for 1 year. However, if that’s the case. We will still choose a time to publish the game with a well-planned marketing campaign and market it to traditional players. Besides that, we’ve worked on partnering with guild and gamefi platforms to bring more players to Finaverse when we are ready to launch it.

Nikki: The mystic chests will be openable when the Finaverse is launched with new items and new drop rates.

Nikki: Our advantage is that we have an in-house development team that is experienced in developing games. A lot of other projects used outsourced development teams which are less reliable and sustainable. Furthermore, our art design and Finaverse game play would allow us to attract traditional players as we will lower the entry barrier for traditional players while increasing the playability of the game

The development of unfinished Finaverse features and gameplay is about 2–3 months, the testing and bug fixing could take up to 2–3 weeks. The Finaverse will be released before 2023!

The playability part would be gradually introduced as we progress. Hopefully the sneak peaks of some game mode would allow you to get a sense of the future game plays☺️

Nikki: Airdrop is a good idea and we will work on that as we started the marketing campaign or community events that are hosted during the development time.

Nikki: The Vryko Mode will be gone in Finaverse, alternative things and game mode will be given to the players.

Nikki: Thanks for asking that! Initially, we planned to do some small feature updates before the Finaverse release. However, things got delayed as we had a lot of meetings to discuss the right things to develop in the long term. I will check with the dev and the team again to see if anything could be done in the short term.

Nikki: Yep, the development team works directly for the project and it is not outsourced to another company so we have a stable and experienced team. The devs has worked together for multiple years before.

Ariel: Wow! Thank you ⭐️ Nikki 🤩 I am happy to see that the team is doing very well, always working and taking healthy decisions even in these market conditions ✅

Nikki: Thanks, Ariel and all the community members☺️. We will continue to work hard and start to share more about the new features. We’ve finalized the roadmap of the game play and are very excited to start developing it!

Ariel: It was great having you with us ⭐️ Nikki! The truth is that all the information you have shared with us and your answers was really great 🤩 We’re very excited and bullish about whats coming to Defina and FINAVERSE! Please can you share a few last words for our community to close this event?

Nikki: Yep! If anyone still got questions left, please feel free to chat with us in the discord! And if you would like to get closer to the game development by giving us suggestions, please don’t feel hesitate to reach out to Ariel. We are really grateful to have all of you supporting the project!❤️

Thanks ⭐️ Nikki ❤️
Thanks ⚔️ DEFINIANS 💕
Today’s AMA is over ✅

End of Transcript

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