Defina Telegram AMA Recap 06/24/22

Q1: What is the team doing and their reasoning for the constant delay of releasing new updates and features in Defina?

  1. Whales who pay-to-play for entertainment
  2. Investor-Players who want to earn from the game
  3. Players who pay a little bit to enjoy the game

Q2:Will there be a Whitepaper update any time soon?

Q3: Will there be Stamina in FINAVERSE?

Q4: What’s the price range of lands?

Q5: How’s the progress of FINAVERSE and any hiccups in the alpha testing?

Q6: Can the team show a video of the progress being made, i.e. like how the staff are building 3D models with the office in the background. We are just curious how it is actually being developed.

Q7: What are the genres of gameplay available in FINAVERSE, i.e. is it like tower defence? Will there be any other game modes like Battle Royale?

  • There will be a trading market to allow players to trade resources and items freely
  • Players will be able to collect resources and forge them into special items/pet/weapons
  • There is a star map to enhance the strategic gameplay of forming teams
  • Roguelike PVE
  • Free-to-play trial out feature to attract new curious players
  • Elimination Tournament System that allows players to watch and bet on the winning team
  • New Pet system
  • Public land and private land

Q8: Let us know the range of potential 💎 $FINA to be earned by playing FINAVERSE. If you can, please provide a sample like with a NFT team to give us an idea 💡

Q9: What type of marketing are in the pipeline?

Q10: Has the team considered all the worst case scenarios if the 🐻 bear conditions prolong and what will happen to Defina?

Q11: Are there any incentives/benefits to core players who have stayed loyal since the beginning?

Q12: Any merchandise as well as anime/manga partnership to consider? Potential is huge if this can be considered which may put up Defina as a strong brand that attracts worldwide audience/anime fans.

Q13: Will LAND be limited in quantity?

Q14: Will there be a stronger hero than SSS in the future?

Q15: Will there be any merge option for breakthrough potions?

Hermes: If bearesh market go for 1 year we must wait for 1year then team release the game?

Lucky: When can I open the treasure chest?

1. How do we stand out from many blockchain games, what are our advantages, and how to attract more users or investors

2. We haven’t seen the planning of playability from the future plan. The project side has been emphasizing playability. Have you discussed what the ideal game mode is, and why not plagiarize and improve the traditional models in the market, such as the turn based strategy game mode, instead of this simple PVP

Asurela: Hello Nikki welcome!
Q1 how would you plan to protect nft owners that people like me having downfall like 15x (nfts were 3k USDT, now 200 USDT) with fiverse update? What do you think for building up a strong community like airdrop some nfts (for community; like a sign) to owners/players or something like that? I mean people needs to feel premium theirselfs. It would prevent sell and out.

Q2 I know youre working hard however do you think delaying updates hurted Fina? As well as having nonstop downfall, how do you think players wont be hurted/sad? Would be there any special events?

MIUVI: Vrykos slots will be usable when Finaverse launches?

Sunny Wng: For current version of Defina, is there a plan or game patch to improve the balance of the items rewards and quests costs ?

😡😡😡: Is the development team a member of your team or outsourced to another company?

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