Defina Transparency Report: Game Rewards Pool + BitMart CEX

2 min readMar 22, 2022

The team values transparency to our community members regarding the economics of the game. Here is the breakdown on the reason why the token supply increased from February to March.

Minted FINA

Game Rewards Pool

The Game Rewards Pool is replenished.

Link to Transaction Hashes (BSCscan):

  1. 2,000,000 FINA =
  2. 2,000,000 FINA = 0xdb982816c90d9c9d4317ddab8af7e4bb15f6af49e33e936afccb838395596fd6

Locked FINA from Auto-Staking.

A report was given to the Defina team where players have noticed that the Game Rewards Pool went lower than the Locked FINA from [Auto-Staking]. The team has minted FINA as allocation to the staked FINA. The team has placed measures that the Game Rewards Pool will not go below the staked FINA amount from [Auto-Mining].

  1. 2,000,000 FINA =

Bitmart CEX Funding

The Defina team has allocated 50,000 FINA for their centralized exchange and 25,000 FINA for BitMart marketing promos.

Link to Transaction Hashes (BSCscan):

  1. 50,000 FINA =
  2. 25,000 FINA =

General Rule: Transactions that are unrecorded in the previous transparency reports goes to the Game Rewards Pool.

Thank you for supporting Defina ❤️

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