Defina Update Patch 1.2.4

1.2.4 Patch Notes

Game Shop

  1. Removed the 5 FINA Mystic Chest in the [Mystic Chest] tab
  2. Added the following items: Arena Tickets
    1. A Arena Ticket — 2 FINA per 10x
    2. S Arena Ticket — 4 FINA per 10x
    3. SS Arena Ticket — 10 FINA per 10x
    4. SSS Arena Ticket — 20 FINA per 10x

Vrykos Tower

  • Unclaimed/Completed Emergency Vrykos Tower Quests from the previous day will not stay on the Vrykos Quest Page on the next day.

Arena Bracket System Update

Arena is now divided into four levels: SSS, SS, S, A

  • SSS arena allows all Hero NFTs to participate.
  • SS arena only allows A, S, SS rank Hero NFT to participate.
  • S arena only allows A, S rank Hero NFT to participate.
  • A arena only allows A rank Hero NFT to participate.

Arena Formation

  • Added SSS, SS, S, A Arena Formation
  • Arena Defense Formation is removed.
    Your attack formation will be also your defense formation on the specific Arena rank formation.

Arena Availability

  • SSS arena is always open.
  • SS arena will be open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • S arena is open every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • A arena is open every Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

Arena Ticket System

  • Players get 4 free challenges to win in all available Arena levels in the day. All Arena Levels share the amount of the free chances. Failed challenges do not consume the free challenges.
    Ex. Player fought in the SSS Arena 2x in Monday and has won twice. Player goes to the A Arena that is available for the day. Player still has 2 challenges to win for free in A rank Arena.
  • If a player would like to have more chances to fight in the Arena, they would need to purchase Arena Tickets.
  • Arena Wins consume a ticket. Failed challenges do not consume a ticket/free challenges.

Arena Leaderboard

  • There are now 4 arena leaderboards corresponding to the 4 levels of the arena.
  • 50% of the number of tickets spent by the player will enter the current leaderboard prize pool of the corresponding group arena.
  • Arena Rewards Pool will be proportionally distributed to the 4 arenas. (provided by the system +5% from unharvested mining loot)
    - 50% for SSS
    - 25% for SS
    - 15% for S
    - 10% for A
  • The Arena Rewards Pool given by the game system is increased from 6720 FINA to 14000 FINA for the Arena Season per week.
  • A minimum of Arena Rank 1200 is required to be shown on the leaderboards.

Arena Rewards

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