Defina x Polygon AMA Recap (2023/1/24)

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Missed the AMA? Here’s a transcript!

Hello Definians!

Below is the transcript on Defina x Polygon AMA held on January 24, 2023, 8:00am UTC.
Please note it was a group AMA along with other GameFi so parts have been cropped from the original AMA and edited for clarity to solely focus on Defina.

Polygon: With the current development of utility-driven games, what advancements are to be expected in the near future?

Daniel: There are a lot of things we must consider. First, we need to reduce barriers of entry and make blockchain games much more convenient for access traditional players. Hot wallets should be connected seamlessly to email accounts or global social media brands. The gaming trend is now free-to-play so I can see we are headed over there. Players should be also be able to seamlessly buy cryptocurrency via credit cards.

Second, with the multiple stolen asset reports such as , we need to implement better security and give an insurance sector while maintaining being decentralized.

Third, games should expand on social gameplay similar to Ready Player One. Cross collaborations between different games within a game studio’s should happpen and other IP games across different ecosystems.

Fourth, expansion of blockchain games globally. Game studios should create more projects that enhances their marketability such as showing off game animation, creating comics, physical stores/merchandise, meet ups/conferences, and so much more! It’ll be exciting future for the blockchain!

Polygon: How’s your new patch update ? What made you move to Polygon?

Daniel: The new patch is amazing and fun-filled with so much content! It is extremely exciting to see players returning to talk about the best strategies, encountering Easter eggs, fawn over new artworks and test the newly released characters! Personally, I’ve been trying out all the 12 new characters skills and they are so unique and exciting to use! It is also been fun seeing players get together to form guilds. We have emphasized on this long-awaited patch the social aspect which we were lacking in our previous version. It has been a challenge onboarding new players from different global regions and teaching them the basics.

So why did we choose Polygon to expand on?
We are 110% confident that Polygon will be one of the mainstream blockchains that gamers will flock to. Polygon’s amazing partnerships, activeness in the community, lower gas fees, and so many other exciting things going on, we knew we had to get our game on Polygon.

It’s been a pleasure working with Logan so shout-outs to him along with the other Polygon team that have been helping us onboard to your ecosystem :)

Polygon: How do NFTs impact the ownership and trading of in-game items and assets?

Daniel: NFTs are absolutely revolutionary in ownership of assets. They allow you to receive numerous benefits such as:

  1. Truly owning your favorite (game) assets in your own wallet to see, use, transfer, whenever you want. It is not bound to the game anymore.
  2. Utilize the hard work you’ve done.
    An example of what traditional games has failed at. Take a look at World of Warcraft: Once you quit, there will be no proof of your hardwork such as your leveled characters and collectibles.
  3. Retain history:
    Your favorite NFTs may not be important to someone else but you have a lot of memories gaining the NFT. Other people will also see the effort when they have went through the same thing.

In regards to Trading:

Did you know that Defina Heroes retain their levels/skills when being sold? Newer players that wants a fast-paced upgrade for competitive plays can easily jump in to our game! If you missed an partner-exclusive skin, don’t fret! Someone has that exclusive skin and may sell it to you for a price!

Our community also falls in love with each character and levels them up and grows with them. Some of them are creating 10–20 page love stories on different characters and factions. It’s quite exciting!

Polygon: Can you discuss the challenges and limitations of integrating NFTs into gaming?

Daniel: Sure!
For development: It has been a challenge integrating contracts and learning how to adapt to each blockchain such as EVM compatibility. It is extremely awesome for the Polygon team for helping us onboard to the Polygon!

In regards to transaction gas fees: I still remember ETH gas fees reaching $150 on the last bull run for a single ETH transaction. Building on Polygon has massively fixed that due to their optimization and their scalability.

In regards on onboarding players: Cryptocurrency is still quite mysterious to most people. Players deserve a seamless experience so they’ll be able to onboard to cryptocurrency.

Current mainstream sentiment: Right now, there has been a largely negative sentiment from mainstream. We will need to pay attention to what the mainstream prefers along with creating high-quality games in order to shift the sentiment.

All in all, these challenges are all tricky but if we can turn these obstacles into opportunities, we’re going to do great.

Polygon: Final thoughts — What’s one thing you would want the excited gamers to listen to as alpha to your game?

Daniel: Defina will continue to develop to become a global game. We have multiple and upcoming initiatives like creating E-sports tournaments, create a dungeon rogue like gameplay, create engaging new characters, and so much more! Our game studio will become a lot more public this year with our other web3 gaming titles coming soon.

I can’t wait when our community members will be able to play all our different games with their favorite characters and hop from each game to another game. Along with our collaborations with our awesome communities and integrating each other’s games. It’s going to be super fun and we hope to bring all these games on to Polygon and to partner with all our favorite communities too!

-End of Transcript-

Thank you Definians for attending our Defina x Polygon AMA. Our Polygon Launch is coming close! ❤️

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