Defina’s April Bi-Weekly Report: Apr. 16th — Apr. 30th

Starting halfway at April, Defina is steadily making progress on the creation of Finaverse. The game development team has reported that Finaverse is 50% completed. The development reports has been given to the community and continually asks for ideas, edits and feedback about the proposed concepts in Finaverse. As the game back-end is progressing, Defina has also been searching for partnerships. Formless and GEMS have agreed to partner with Defina, which will actively promote marketing when Finaverse launches. Additionally, the number of addresses of $FINA holders has reached a new heights. A new milestone for the Definian community.⭐

📅 Events that had transpired between 4/16 to 4/30.

🍳 Defina Easter Event

Defina has started a fun Easter campaign where the Definian community has to post their meals that they ate during Easter. There were quite a lot of submissions and showcased the food diversity all over the world.

Winners of the Easter Campaign

🪙 New Milestone: 25,000+ addresses hold $FINA

Defina has reached a new milestone at April 19th where the number of wallet addresses that hold $FINA exceeded 25,000.

We would like to thank the community and the investors who have always supported and witnessed the development of Defina. We will continue to strive and develop where players can have a great time playing Defina, establish amazing partnerships and create a lasting impact on the history of blockchain gaming. We are truly pumped to release Finaverse soon!

🎙️ More Defina Fam Series Interviews!

The Defina Fam series of interviews provides a new perspective to observe and understand the growth and development of the Defina community. Want to learn about the diverse Defina gaming community? Come and have a look together!

Here’s the most recent episode if you have missed it out!

👁️ Finaverse Sneak Peeks

In April 23 and 26, Defina has officially released sneak peeks on what’s to come in Finaverse by releasing a building players will be able to create in Land Gameplay and new hero functions.

There is a hidden Easter egg within the photos. Will you be able to find out?

🤝 Defina partners with Formless

On April 21, Defina officially announced that it has formed a partnership with a world-renowned GameFi and Metaverse aggregation platform Formless. The two parties will jointly promote the connection between games, gamers and game guilds, and actively expand the future richness of the Finaverse ecosystem.

🌐 Learn more:

🤝 Defina partners with GEMS Esports 3.0

On April 29, Defina officially announced that it has partnered with GEMS Esports 3.0 aggregation platform, to work together to connect online and offline encrypted game players and provide them with one-stop GameFi services.

To tease the partnership, Defina has held a GEMS 01 NFT raffle giveaway. It features the first collectible NFT created by GEMS Esports 3.0.

Teaser Banner for the Partnership

🌐 Learn more:

Thank you for supporting Defina ❤️

About Defina

Defina is an innovative blockchain gacha game that embraces NFT technology that allows true ownership of acquired game assets in the game. Players can open Mystery Boxes, collect their favourite Hero NFTs and trade them in the marketplace. Level up your Heroes, Build amazing teams, Combat in PVP Arena and Battle Vrykos to save humanity from the brink of destruction! Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. Come join us as we build the Defina Metaverse together!

Define your destiny, conquer your enemy & build with us daily!

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