Defina’s April Bi-Weekly Report: Apr. 1st — Apr. 15th

Defina April Fools Celebration

The 80,000th Hero NFT has been minted

As of now, the number of Defina Genesis Hero NFTs minted has went beyond 80,000. The Genesis NFTs are limited to 96,000 only.

Finaverse Land Sneak Peek

Once we reach the limit including the total number of Mystery Boxes on the marketplace and Mystery Box Fragments, the function to open Mystic Chests will be paused. Auto-mining, redeeming and your existing chests will still be in your inventory. You can accumulate chests and purchase them during this time as well. Mystic Chest new item sets will be introduced when Finaverse development is nearly completed

Defina x Polygon Studios AMA

Defina Community Twitter Space AMA Event

More Defina Fam Series Interviews!

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