Defina’s April Bi-Weekly Report: Apr. 1st — Apr. 15th

5 min readApr 22, 2022

As the year enters the month of April, the Defina team continues to develop to realize the concept and development goals of Defina’s Finaverse. The Definian community is still growing strong with the project and continue to provide good suggestions for game upgrades and good feedback. At the same time, Defina’s development team has been communicating more to the players regarding the development and aspects of Finaverse. In addition to the weekly Twitch streams, there has been a recent Twitter Space AMA that covers the major demographic of the game. In addition, Defina’s official Medium has continuously released Defina Fam series of interviews about community players and guilds, which has enhanced mutual understanding among community members and added a touch of color to the diverse Defina community.

Regarding Hero NFTs, more than 80,000 Defina Genesis Hero NFTs have been minted by players so far. Once we reach the limit including the total number of Mystery Boxes on the marketplace and Mystery Box Fragments, the function to open Mystic Chests will be paused. At the same time, Defina has been creating partnerships from big brands.

Stay tuned for the announcements!

Defina April Fools Celebration

On April 1, 2022, the Defina team has released an April fools prank by posting an update where players can get a new Zorro Skin!

Get rickrolled Definians!

The 80,000th Hero NFT has been minted

As of now, the number of Defina Genesis Hero NFTs minted has went beyond 80,000. The Genesis NFTs are limited to 96,000 only.

We would like to thank the community and the investors who have always supported and witnessed the development of Defina. We will continue to strive and develop where players can have a great time playing Defina, establish amazing partnerships and create a lasting impact on the history of blockchain gaming. We are truly pumped to release Finaverse soon!

Finaverse Land Sneak Peek

As the number of Genesis Hero NFTs reach near to the maximum, the Defina team has released a mockup of what Land would look like in Finaverse.

Please do note:

Once we reach the limit including the total number of Mystery Boxes on the marketplace and Mystery Box Fragments, the function to open Mystic Chests will be paused. Auto-mining, redeeming and your existing chests will still be in your inventory. You can accumulate chests and purchase them during this time as well. Mystic Chest new item sets will be introduced when Finaverse development is nearly completed

Defina x Polygon Studios AMA

On April 8, Defina and Polygon Studios officially announced that the two parties will be working together to jointly promote the expansion of the Finaverse ecosystem on Polygon.

Polygon is a global sustainable Web3 infrastructure based on the Ethereum public chain. Its characteristics are more in line with the carbon neutrality concept. The expansion of the Finaverse ecosystem on the Polygon chain will bring more new users, improve players’ gaming experience, and at the same time provide better gaming experience.

Polygon Studios also held an AMA to celebrate the partnership.

You can read the summary here:

Defina x Polygon partnership details coming soon!

Defina Community Twitter Space AMA Event

On April 15th, the Defina team held two Twitter Spaces AMA events in Chinese and English on Defina’s official Twitter. The new and old players had come and communicated their concerns to be answered in the AMA regarding the development of Finaverse and other related information.

Defina values transparency and its communication to its players. If you want an another AMA, please do tell the Defina team in our social media channels. The team is composed of people all over the world.

More Defina Fam Series Interviews!

The Defina Fam series of interviews provides a new perspective to observe and understand the growth and development of the Defina community. Want to learn about the diverse Defina gaming community? Come and have a look together!

Here’s the most recent episode if you have missed it out!

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