Defina’s Bi-Weekly Report 2023: January 1st — January 15th

5 min readFeb 19, 2023

Happy New Year Definians!

Hey everyone!

We hope everyone had an amazing New Year and a great start into 2023. We have for you guys.. lots of teases.. and I mean LOTS of them and our long awaited Defina: Guild Wars Patch release. We are super excited about the release and happy to share what we’ve been cooking in our dev kitchen.

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Without further ado lets jump right into it!

Defina New Year Celebration NFT

To celebrate the New Year we’ve released a New Years Celebration NFT for everyone to claim on

on the 1st of January.

It was by far one of our most succesful Galxe campaigns and we want to thank all of you who have been with us and claimed that NFT for your loving support. We appreciate everyone sticking with us and we hope to surprise you with a lot of cool new updates and features for our game this year!

Defina: Guild Wars Tease

For those that have been reading our Medium’s by the end of last year: This seems quite familiar but with different colours and designs, right? Well get ready to find out by playing the new patch!

Caesar Cosplay

On January 5th our Ambassador Rebiday cosplayed one of our most beloved new Heroes Caeser. It looks amazing and the community loved it. Thanks Rebiday!

If else anyone is interested in cosplaying one of our characters please let us know on Twitter here:

New Game-Modes and Difficulty Tease

January 6th: Seems like there is quite some new stuff here. Nightmare City, Level 120 and branching paths? Time to find out.

New Heroes Tease

Level 75 and 80? That’s way higher than before. Also what are those slots there on the right?

What all that goldish red stuff in the Bag? What about the purple things? Why is he wearing all of that Stuff? Seems like I have to get all of my Equipment ready for an adventure to Nightmare City.

A.. Healing Station with Florence Nightingale treating my wounds? Nightmare City sure is hard on my team. Get ready everyone.

Defina: Guild Wars Patch Notes

On January 12th we released our Defina: Guild Wars Patch Notes Medium showcasing all the new game modes and features we developed for this Update. We’ve been working hard.. you have to work harder to become the strongest Guild in Defina.

Make sure to take a look at the article down below for everything patch related.

Defina: Guild Wars Trailer

Aaaaaaaaand we’re live!

On January 14th we released our newest game update and with it this cool Trailer featuring the new game-modes, difficulty levels, equipment and many many more things for everyone to explore. Make sure to go to our Twitter page and watch the Trailer here:

Make sure to download the game and start playing here:

For everyone who wants to start for free go here to mint your free 4 B rank heroes:

Defina meets Polkadot

On January 15th our beloved Community and BD Manager Ariel had the pleasure to meet the one and only Gavin Wood, Co-Founder of Polkadot and Ethereum, on a Polkadothub side event! They’ve been exchanging opinions and projections about GameFi.

Thanks for this nice talk Gavin, we loved to make your aquaintance!

Thank you for supporting Defina everyone! ❤️

About Defina

Defina is an innovative blockchain gacha game that embraces NFT technology that allows true ownership of acquired game assets in the game. Players can open Mystery Boxes, collect their favourite Hero NFTs and trade them in the marketplace. Level up your Heroes, Build amazing teams, Combat in PVP Arena and Battle Vrykos to save humanity from the brink of destruction! Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. Come join us as we build the Defina Metaverse together!

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