Defina’s January Bi-weekly Report Jan. 1st— Jan. 15th

Defina Token Vesting Paused for 3 Months

Defina $FINA Buyback Announcement

  • 10% burnt🔥 (94,917 FINA)
  • 30% Game Operation, Marketing etc,. (284,751 FINA)
  • 60% Defina Game Rewards pool (569,503 FINA)


  • 30% — FINA Buyback (Deposited to the Exchange to Buyback)
    (475.2 BNB)
  • 20% — FINA Buyback to pair with the remaining 20% BNB for Liquidity Pool (316.8 BNB)
  • 20% — Transferred to the Multi-signature Wallet for Providing the Liquidity (316.8 BNB)
  • 30%- Operations, Marketing, and Game Development. (475.2 BNB)

Defina is featured on Spintop’s Gamepedia!

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