Defina’s Marketplace Officially Launches!


  • Transfer
  • Sell
  • Buy
  • View your assets
  • Open Mystery Box

Next Steps:

  1. UI update
  2. NFT Swap (allow users to swap their NFT with others)
  3. Maker offer
  4. Trading Stats Overview
  5. Auction
  6. FINA swapping feature (this will allow users who does not hold $FINA to directly use other currencies (ex:BNB, BUSD) to pay FINA for the NFT as the protocol will directly swap your BNB or BUSD to FINA in Pancake Swap.
  7. Add name search feature
  8. Support users to sell Defina Genesis NFT

Marketplace Tutorial

  • Login into Defina’s Marketplace
  • Connect your wallet
  • Dashboard: listed and sold cards
  • Click the menu button to access your transactions, download MetaMask extension and visit our official website
  • Marketplace: your wallet and filter function to find heroes
  • Go to ‘My account’ to access your wallet and items
  • After selecting the desired card, click ‘Buy now’
  • Click checkout
  • Now you have your very own Defina Hero NFT!
  • You can access all your NFTs at ‘My account’ and ‘Inventory’
  • Go to your ‘Inventory’ to select a card and click ‘Sell now’
  • Select your token, input your price and click ‘Confirm’
  • Your hero is on the market ready to be sold!
  • Go to your ‘Inventory’ to select a card and click ‘Transfer’
  • Paste wallet address for item to be transferred to and click ‘Transfer’
  • The transfer is complete!

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