Defina’s May Bi-Weekly Report: May 1st— May 15th

5 min readMay 23, 2022

At the start of May, a plethora of events has been started to engage the community. A new milestone has also been achieved when the number of $FINA transfers on BNB Chain has reached 1,000,000. In the listing voting event held by GateIO, Defina has been placed second. We truly thank the community for their active participation, especially to the contributions of the guilds: BigAce and NOBRAINER.⭐ The team also started events such as art contests specifically for Discord emoticons and stickers for the entire community to enjoy and crossword challenges in Twitter. Of course, there are also regular weekly community live broadcasts through Twitch to communicate with players. The questions and feedback are always communicated to the game team in a timely manner.

In addition, Defina has launched a public security audit program to find for possible malicious network attacks, dedicated to maintaining the fairness of the game and to prevent future potential security risks in the game.

Defina x GateIO Listing Event

On May 5th, the GateIO exchange has entered $FINA, along with some other tokens in a deposit vote contest. The token with the most highest votes will be listed in GateIO.

GateIO is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. It has given spirit and enthusiasm to the entire community during the whole voting session. It has united the entire Definian community, and has actively participated in the voting. It is worth mentioning that the generous Chinese community has spearheaded an airdrop event to encourage other players to vote. Under the active initiative of NOBRAINER guild, more than 30,000 $FINA was raised for airdrop rewards and given back to players who participated in the voting. In the end, Defina won the second place in the listing vote.

The Defina team is very grateful to the community for their unwavering support and help. In addition to receiving $FINA rewards, players who participate in the voting will have the opportunity to win SSS-level hero NFTs. In order to thank the BigAce Guild and NOBRAINER Guild for their special contribution in this GateIO event, the Defina team will be giving each guild 10 V4 Mystery Box and 10,000 $FINA.

Defina Security Compensation Program

The Defina team has always been committed to maintaining the fairness of the game and attaching importance to preventing potential security risks in the game. After receiving a report of a malicious attack on the website at the end of April, the team immediately checked the problem and ruled out smart contracts and game servers. After fixing the vulnerability, the team formulated a community security compensation plan and launched a bug bounty program.

The community security compensation plan includes permanent NFT blacklisting restrictions on the affected V4 Mystery Boxes and its associated Hero NFTs (if opened) to maintain game fairness. There was also a buyback of 309,000 $FINA equal to the amount sold by the hackers. The FINA will be used for future community welfare activities and bug bounties reward.

The Bug Bounty Program invites all security audit-related teams and community players to explore any potential security risks such as smart contracts, servers, and websites related to Defina. There are different levels of bounty rewards for those who discover and report potential vulnerabilities.

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Finaverse Development Update

The total number of Defina Genesis NFTs issued is about to reach the limit of 96,000. For this reason, the game has adjusted the exchange rules for Mystery Boxes and Mystic Chests.

Regarding the development progress of Finaverse, the development team has reported that the new gameplay modes have reached 50% completion. More details regarding technical upgrades will be released to the community slowly.

Development updates include:

  1. Update the Defina white paper with new features in Finaverse.
  2. The community will initiate the writing of new hero stories in the Finaverse.
  3. Participate in hackathons to increase market exposure while fundamentally improving Finaverse’s security and token economic model.
  4. Build partnerships with more high-end GameFi platforms, projects and guilds.
  5. Updated development roadmap and website.

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It is expected that an internal test will be conducted in June. As that is ongoing, the Defina marketing team will still continue to cooperate with major crypto and blockchain companies to further expand the development of the Finaverse.

As always, thank you for supporting Defina!❤️

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