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The observable universe is an immense place that has been around for 13 billion years. Humans have always dreamt of leaving space to amass every bit of knowledge — whether it be out of sating their curiosity or to improve their lives. Scientific innovations and new insights are keys to human development.

In their pursuit of knowledge, humans were able to advance to a Type 3 civilization. This, in turn, helped them conceptualize new innovations at an exponential rate. As more time passed, humans were able to find previously unimaginable galaxies and unexplainable phenomena. These made them realize that science was a mere facet of the universe’s truth. Entrancing magic binds the whole universe wherever you may be. Ancient mythologies, which were thought of as mere imaginations of the human mind, were actually true albeit with some inconsistencies. They found new races and species, flora and fauna alike, wherever they went.

They would not have believed that they were being watched keenly and closely by intelligences far greater than any man can fathom. Humanity was mere transient creatures compared to them. Fortunately, these higher beings found humans quite fascinating and entertaining to watch. Due to their benevolence, humanity has achieved their dreams of reaching beyond Type 3 civilization. They were now able to harness and fuse science with magic.

Dedicating themselves to extract every bit of knowledge there is, they now seek the root of it all, the Singularity. A hypothetical future where technological growth is unfathomable and immeasurable. The higher beings were quite curious as to how these transient creatures will be able to find more information on their own, so they stepped back and stopped helping humanity.

Humanity did their best. They researched every scientific proposition and relevant mythos, and collaborated with various races to try achieving their goal. No concept or idea was scrapped immediately. Every drop of knowledge was processed by an encompassing artificial intelligence called Ein.

Alas, after trillions of years, Ein was able to know the true nature of the Singularity. It can help humanity achieve greater heights but with an unimaginable risk — The Singularity can also destroy everything that the humans had built.

Humanity had two choices. Stop the pursuit of knowledge and live their lives in safety or make the bold choice of toggling the switch for starting the final research of Ein. To no one’s surprise, humanity chose the latter.

At the end of it all, humanity has made a terrible mistake — the very worst of it. Ein was not able to fully comprehend the Singularity. This resulted to all the galaxies in the universe being melded together after the button was pushed. Myths and postulates, legends and theorems — all of them were merged into one.

Current Era

After a considerable length of time has passed, a new universe was formed, with new galaxies, stars, and planets. Only a few can accommodate life and just one of them can be occupied by humans. However, the current habitable one is overrun by undead beings called Vrykolakas or Vrykos as locals would call them. No one knows where they came from or why they hunger for human flesh.

The Vrykos, seemingly with no goals, wander from place to place. They ravage any unprepared settlements they passed through. Their varied sizes are dependent on the amount of flesh they consume. With enough sustenance, some Vrykos can obtain special abilities which are distinct from each other. One’s skill is based on the undead’s past life and can even be molded into something better depending on the properties of the consumed flesh.

Four organizations are working to solve the mysteries of the Vrykos. Prometheus’ Fire, Ouroboros, Thoth’s Book, and Athena’s Aegis have similar goals but use distinct methods to undertake this task. The members, akin to heroes of the world, are reincarnations of several prominent figures of the previous universe. Glimpses of their pasts resurface during various missions in which they explore the world of the undead.

Each organization has a central base where they convene to strategize and prepare for combat against the undead. They have their own territory to protect and manage as these bases serve as havens for the residents of the new world; although there are still a few settlements outside the organizations’ reach that can fend off the Vrykos.

The members within these organizations have various tasks which can include preemptive scouting, scavenging for resources, escorting merchants from one place to another, searching for mysterious relics, and striking the undead’s nests. The search for relics and studying the nests can help in understanding the current world. Armed with both science and magic, humanity is once again, pursuing the truth of the universe.

Prometheus’ Fire

Prometheus’ Fire emblem

Prometheus’ Fire, the Divine Blaze, represents the power of creation and progress. This organization believes in the notion that humanity serves as the vessel for the smouldering flames of life. These flames are life-giving but also carries the powers of destruction if not properly tamed. With proper usage, they can help trigger and speed up mankind’s technological and civilizational advancements.

The Pandora’s box was the punishment for Prometheus’ theft of the Divine Blaze. This ancient artifact contains all of life’s miseries which include greed, disease, hunger, war, envy, poverty, and death. The organization of Prometheus’ Fire thinks that this box is currently opened; leaking out disastrous floods of misery in the form of the Vrykos. According to the ancient scriptures, the brightest flame, Sirius, can seal the dreaded artifact. This flame’s sparks are scattered all across the world of the undead. The organization’s goal is to obtain all these sparks and merge them into one, giving them the ability to cleanse the world and eradicate all Vrykos.

[The Divine Blaze manifested by Sirius can emit luminous light which can confuse and disorient even the greatest of snakes — Ouroboros. This confusion delays the cycle of eternity and thus weakens the power of the Eternal Serpent]


Ouroboros emblem

Ouroboros is the Eternal Serpent of infinity and endless return. Its existence solidifies the beginning and end. The organization is founded on the belief that ‘One is All, and by it All, and for it All’. This means ‘if it does not contain All, then All is Nothing’. Containing everything constitutes to philosophical contradictions but despite being at odds with its essences, Ouroboros existed in unison; akin to the yin and yang of the universe.

Representing the infinite nature of time, the alchemists saw the Eternal Serpent as the ultimate obstacle for their pursuit of the Magnum Opus — to become immortal. By drawing the serpent inside alchemic circles, they were able to create the prized Philosopher’s Stone. This stone is said to utilize the essences of Ouroboros. It can interact with the DNA and the cellular body via alchemizing Ruthenium and Platinum. And it can maximize anti-aging properties by manipulating Iridium and Rhodium. The organization is currently searching for the remnants of the Philosopher’s Stone. Its members believe that this stone can rejuvenate all the cells of the Vrykos. Thereby, freeing the world from the clutches of the undead.

[The endless cycle within Ouroboros is unfathomable even by the Tome of Knowledge. The immense information seeping from the Eternal Serpent can’t be decoded by Thoth; weakening his mystical insight]

Thoth’s Book

Thoth’s Book emblem

Thoth’s Book is considered the Tome of Knowledge of humanity. The affiliated organization thinks that understanding the knowledge within can endow the reader the power to enchant heaven and earth and the affinity with birds and beasts. The first page is said to bestow the ability to enchant the abyss, mountains, and seas while the second page can help understand the secrets of the stars and harness the power of constellations. More secrets are hidden within but only the first two pages were supposedly comprehended by humanity’s ancestors.

Thoth was the deity of scribes. He was considered the heart and tongue of Ra and translated the sun god’s will into speech. His passions included writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, and art. His thirst of knowledge led him to amass different kinds of powers — be it technological or mystical. By harnessing his powers, he can influence the very fabric of the universe. He wrote all his knowledge on a book, aptly named for him. The Tome of Knowledge are missing some of its pages and are said to be hidden in various places of the world. The organization of Thoth’s Book aims to recover all the missing pages. Its members believe that the tome can answer all the questions regarding the extermination of the Vrykos.

[Thoth’s knowledge surpasses the practical insight of Athena. He can pinpoint the weakness of the Holy Shield by tapping on his expansive knowledge of the mystical arts]

Athena’s Aegis

Athena’s Aegis emblem

Athena’s Aegis is the Holy Shield of protection and preservation. Following the wisdom of the named goddess, this organization respects the sanctity of life. They believe that anyone who is worth saving needs to be protected while deplorable individuals deserve the cruelest punishment imaginable. Striking fear via defensive warfare is one of their core strategies; mimicking the martial insight of the goddess in the art of war.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and practical reason. She is the divine form of the heroic and martial ideal envied by the mortals. Her triumphs are caused by the possession of the Holy Shield, Aegis, which she wears when she engages in warfare. The Aegis is embedded with the Gorgon Medusa’s head which is said to provide omnidirectional protection via the snake heads while at the same time, strikes freezing fear via the gorgon’s eyes. The organization of Athena’s Aegis plans to acquire the mythical shield, exploring any ruins that may contain clues of its whereabouts. They believe that its holy power is the answer to the Vrykos infestation.

[The Aegis can reflect any forms of light and can also shield against even the most scalding heat imaginable. The Divine Blaze can’t make a single dent on the protection of the Holy Shield]

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