Guide for Crypto Beginners to Start Playing Defina!

Table of Contents:

  1. Basics and Must-haves Before Starting Your Journey.
  2. Purchasing $FINA
  3. Creating your Defina Game Account
  4. How to get Heroes to play Defina?

Basics and Must-haves Before Starting Your Journey:

  1. Download Metamask on your browser, make a new secret recovery phrase to create a wallet and then add BSC network in your Metamask.
    - Never give out your secret recovery phrase to anyone.
    - The 0xEA……C3C1 (shown below) is a sample wallet address. Do not omit any letter/number in your wallet or else you might lose your funds.

What is $FINA token?

How to Purchase $FINA?

Importing Tokens to Metamask to see new Tokens

Trading $BUSD to $FINA Token

  1. Go to, press <Trade> and go to <Swap>
Final output

Creating your Game Account

  1. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Create your Account!
  • Input the verification code sent in your email to confirm creation of account.
  • Deposit FINA token into your game account.

How to get Heroes to play Defina?

Mystery Box

  • Mystery Box Sales: It only happens whenever there is a partnership between Defina and an another company/project. Stay tuned!
  • Mystic Chests: In-game feature. Cost-effective way to get heroes.
  • You can also buy them at the Secondary Marketplace

Again: The most cost-effective way to get heroes is by getting Mystic Chests!

What’s a Mystic Chest?

Items obtainable in the Mystic Chest:

Getting Heroes in Mystic Chests

Where to get Mystic Chest?

You may ask:

Why is a Mystic Chest much more cost-effective than buying Heroes or Mystery Box in the Marketplace?

  1. You have to buy Breakthrough Items to level up your Heroes on certain levels.
  2. The attributes and elements of the hero may not suit them and so you have to Rebirth them to get better attributes and elements.

Buying and opening Mystic Chests guarantees that you will have upgrade items for your Heroes and get the Heroes themselves.

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