Introducing Squid Game Mode in Defina! 100 Commander NFT Giveaways!

Entry requirements

  • Players need to hold a commander NFT (see the pictures below) or any Defina hero NFT.
  • Players need to hold $FINA to enter the game and choose a combination of cards to play

Commander NFT

😎 Gameplay

  1. Three games will be held every day, and there is no limit on the number of players registered in each game. (Depending on the number of players and the demand of this game mode, we may increase the frequency of this game mode in the future).

Evacuation point

Lost City Map

Treasure Chest


Commander Giveaway

Questions You May Have:

  • Players could acquire Commanders through purchasing them on our marketplace. One player could purchase 1–4 different commanders so he could choose different avatars for his/her gameplay.
  • Besides the airdrop in this article, we will have more community events and giveaways to reward our community members with Commander NFTs. Please feel free to join our community and interact with other Definians!⭐️
  • The supply is unlimited as we want to allow more players to join the Defina Game.
  • No, they do not have abilities and they are not usable in other game modes.

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