Join Us Today: Defina Ambassadors Program

  1. Producing content (writing, video, podcast, etc.) to increase (website traffic, awareness)
  2. Engaging with the community and gathering feedback

Defina Ambassador Program Overview

Ambassador Responsibilities


Building Overall Defina Ecosystem

❗️Hiring Requirements

  • Must have either of these social accounts/channels: Youtube, Twitch, Facebook page, or TikTok
  • Made an original work of creativity about Defina.

⭐️ Incentives for Defina Ambassadors

  • FINA token reward on completed missions
  • FINA token bonuses depending on milestone achievements
  • Distinctive Badge as a ambassador of Defina
  • Access to beta program
  • Whitelist opportunities to some of Defina events
  • A scholarship program with our ambassadors
    We will provide Ambassadors an account to play & stream, the money earned from play-to-earn, you can claim 30% of that earned amount additional to the $25 USD worth of FINA.

📈 Measuring Your Success

Enforcing the Standard

✅ Entry requirements

Observation Period


  • Do not leak information before a game update is introduced in beta or without permission
  • Do not submit unedited work from other sources
  • Ambassador should not provide false information
  • Avoid encouraging or promoting any exploit to the game
  • Do not tell your viewers to try the bug but teach them to report and send details of the bug to the team

Mission Events

  • Mission events should be submitted before the weekly event ends through google form
  • It must be an original work, unedited content from other sources would be invalid
  • Proper tags of Defina
  • One video submission per account & event. 1 video submitted by Facebook & 1 video by YouTube per event is allowed but submitting 2 Facebook videos per event would be invalid.
  • Misinformation

🤩 Milestone Bonuses

Program Communication Process


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