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7 min readNov 13, 2021

The purpose of having brand ambassadors is to expand Defina’s sphere of influence and introduce the game to potential new players. The Ambassador position is an important one with responsibilities, but you will be compensated for your effort and engagement.

There are two responsibilities for an Ambassador to do to help us expand the Defina ecosystem.

  1. Producing content (writing, video, podcast, etc.) to increase (website traffic, awareness)
  2. Engaging with the community and gathering feedback

If you think you would be good at the above tasks and are motivated to earn $FINA while you help the ecosystem grow, you would be a great Defina Ambassador.

Defina Ambassador Program Overview

The objective is to promote Defina live and have quality videos from streamers & content creators in order to improve brand image and social media score. Ambassador performance will be measured through their views and the success of the amount of mission events they have completed. Defina followers, engagement, reach and impression will be checked if there’s significant growth and social activity. As an ambassador you will be required to perform certain tasks and report on your progress. Inactivity or inability to perform these tasks will result in your removal from the Defina Ambassador program.

Ambassador Responsibilities

1. Increase Defina social media score

2. Drive traffic to Defina’s social media & engagement through Influencers

3. Improve interaction of people to Defina through fun events, enhance brand image, and connect with communities that will generate new players and retain the enjoyment of current players.


As an Ambassador, you will be heavily involved in social channels and will have direct communication with a lot of our gamers and potential gamers. People will share their excitement and gripes with you about the game and you will naturally begin to analyze the game in new ways. We want your help making Defina better. Bring us the ideas that you have. Bring us the feedback, both positive and negative from the community.

Building Overall Defina Ecosystem

The value of the FINA token is to be the gateway for most traditional players to experience decentralized finance and getting to know more about decentralized autonomous organizations as we will implement staking rewards and governance systems later on. To expand the ecosystem we must gain new gamers and ensure the existing gamers are updated with all the new features. As a brand ambassador, you should be actively attempting to attract new gamers by spreading the word about what the Defina platform has to offer. You should be creating contents for Defina and we will measure your performance through views. Your responsibility is to advertise and become a spokesperson or key opinion leader that will attract the viewers to try or check Defina, and make it a trending topic in p2e. The feedback from streamers, viewers and players will be used to improve and grow the game.

Here are a couple of pieces of media to help you learn more and spread the word about Defina:

1️⃣ Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Twitch & Youtube)

2️⃣ Groups (Telegram, Discord)

3️⃣ Medium Articles

4️⃣ Whitepaper

5️⃣ Official website

An excellent way to spread the word about Defina is through the creation of high quality written or video/audio content and direct engagement with the people that see that content. You could distribute Defina marketing materials or information through social media channels. It’s also helpful to be an active participant in Defina Discord and Telegram chat rooms. You should be spreading the word about Defina through other communities you exist within, engage new gamers in discussions and help walk individuals through the process of getting started.

A great brand ambassador will succeed at bringing in more Defina players, regardless of an artificial metric. If you are producing results, share the details of your success with the community of ambassadors so they can become better as well. If you aren’t helping the ecosystem grow in any measurable way, we will discuss your activity and provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your efforts.

❗️Hiring Requirements

  • Must have either of these social accounts/channels: Youtube, Twitch, Facebook page, or TikTok
  • Made an original work of creativity about Defina.

⭐️ Incentives for Defina Ambassadors

Defina Ambassadors will serve an important part of the overall marketing and growth strategy for Defina. For that reason we are offering multiple perks and benefits to those that participate in the program. Your eligibility for some of these incentives is dependent on your continued participation and effective execution of your responsibilities in the program. The list below is subject to change based on feedback from Ambassadors and Defina market rates.

  • FINA token reward on completed missions
  • FINA token bonuses depending on milestone achievements
  • Distinctive Badge as a ambassador of Defina
  • Access to beta program
  • Whitelist opportunities to some of Defina events
  • A scholarship program with our ambassadors
    We will provide Ambassadors an account to play & stream, the money earned from play-to-earn, you can claim 30% of that earned amount additional to the $25 USD worth of FINA.

📈 Measuring Your Success

Enforcing the Standard

We will have a bi-weekly meeting for Defina Ambassadors. During this meeting we will discuss upcoming events, distribute prepared materials, and be available to discuss all things related to the program. Your progress as an ambassador will be reviewed once a month and you will be required to attend at least 1 of the monthly meetings. You will be required to keep a simple journal of your efforts so we can analyze your strategy and its relative success.

Each ambassador should be able to easily generate 10 new users per week and onboard 1 new team leader per month. We encourage you to set your own goals and hold yourself accountable to those goals. If you are meeting your goals, we will offer to provide any needed resources and your check-in is complete. If you are having trouble meeting your goals, we will offer guidance and assistance in an effort to enable you to continue to be a great Defina Ambassador.

If at any time you wish to discontinue your role as an ambassador, let us know and you will simply return to the normal pool of users with our deepest gratitude for your help. In the event that you consistently aren’t able to meet your goals, it becomes obvious to us that you aren’t exerting required effort, or you conduct yourself in a manner that is unacceptable when representing the Defina brand, your status as an ambassador will be ended. When a user loses ambassador status, they are no longer eligible for the incentives mentioned above.

✅ Entry requirements

After applying, an Ambassador must complete the process below in order to be officially recognized as an ambassador to Defina.

Observation Period

Observation period is important in order to guarantee that the ambassador will commit her/himself to the program before their video or content can be paid by Defina.


  • Do not leak information before a game update is introduced in beta or without permission
  • Do not submit unedited work from other sources
  • Ambassador should not provide false information
  • Avoid encouraging or promoting any exploit to the game
  • Do not tell your viewers to try the bug but teach them to report and send details of the bug to the team

1st warning — verbal, 2nd warning- 1 week suspension and 3rd violation- expulsion

Mission Events

Ambassador will get weekly mission events and must be completed in order to receive FINA reward. Mission event details are posted by moderators in a private Facebook group, Discord server or Telegram group. Completed mission events are paid 25 USD worth of FINA.

To complete mission events an ambassador must have at least:

  • Mission events should be submitted before the weekly event ends through google form
  • It must be an original work, unedited content from other sources would be invalid
  • Proper tags of Defina
  • One video submission per account & event. 1 video submitted by Facebook & 1 video by YouTube per event is allowed but submitting 2 Facebook videos per event would be invalid.
  • Misinformation

🤩 Milestone Bonuses

Bonuses are given to the Ambassadors that achieve milestones for the first time.

Note: As the streamers grow in numbers and Defina will become popular, we will gradually increase the mission event requirements of based view from 500 views- 2k views.

Program Communication Process

If you have any more questions, please reach out to a moderator on our Discord and our team will assist you. We would like to welcome you to the Defina family. ❤️


Please sign up using the form here:

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