Love & Support in Defina’s Community + Tips About Protecting Your Crypto Assets

3 min readJan 22, 2022

Hello Definians,

The team noticed a heartwarming initiative held in Defina’s official Chinese(CN) Telegram group. There was a recent hacking incident that involved a volunteered admin losing his assets. The CN community applauds his hard work with helping out the community, so they started a crowdfunding event for the admin to recover his stolen assets. We have an absolutely amazing community and it shows the love and support from the Defina community that we built together.

This incident was a lesson to all the Definians and especially to those who are new to crypto. Protecting your assets and securing them is the number one thing you should be mindful about.

What will the team do to better support our community members?

We will provide you with some tips about protecting your assets as well as setting up a community insurance vault to provide support to members through community governance for future unexpected incidents.

Defina Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) Vault

The Defina Team will set up a SAFU Vault once we’ve set up the Defina governance system. The vault will be used to provide support to community members whenever it is needed and the proposal is approved by the community through votings. [ex: support to community members who lost their assets, support to players when there are any unexpected incidents, etc] The tokens from the vault will be funded through the community incentive tokens + future events. The detailed rules and information about the SAFU vault will be drafted and shared once the team has drafted the governance system plan.

Tips About Protecting Your Crypto Assets

✨Tip 1

Always write down your seed phrase on a piece of paper, and make sure your paper is secured in a safe place. [It would be even better if you use a crypto metal blade instead of paper].

Storing your seed phrase on your PC or through Cloud storage could be dangerous as someone may hack into your account or apply a Trojan to your PC to steal your seed phrase. Anyone with your seed phrase could open the wallet and get access to your assets. [You may have also tried it through our “Wallet Hunt” event.]

✨Tip 2

Use a hardware cold wallet to store your cryptos. Cold wallet stores your crypto offline and it requires physical interaction to move your assets.

Additional tips:

- Purchase the cold wallet from the official website for max security

- Make sure the package you received has never unpacked by others

✨Tip 3

Do not click any links or download any random files sent from others through direct messages. Those links or files may contain Trojan.

P.S: our admins and mods will never DM you first. And always make sure to double check the ID.

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