Mirror Rules for 1st Generation Heroes

3 min readNov 14, 2022


Mirror your Heroes to get new updated features! The feature will be available on Nov 15th, 2 pm UTC.

Hello Definians!

Are you ready for the new generation of Defina Heroes!?

The World Cup event is fast approaching! To celebrate this milestone, we have added a new feature to our Heroes! You can now [Merge Heroes] to unlock their hidden potential to level their rarity. Holders of the 1st generation heroes will need to mirror their NFTs to the new smart contract to be able to use the new feature.

Note: Your old NFTs in the previous contract will not be burned. You can still use the old NFTs in the current patch to keep earning while participating in the World Cup event. However, we will have a new patch update coming after the end of the World Cup event. With the new patch, only Heroes in new smart contract heroes will be able to play the game, the Generation 1 old smart contract heroes will no longer be used .

How to Mirror your Defina Heroes

Please make sure that your NFT is in your hot wallet and not on the game server.
You will need BNB to pay the gas fee to mirror your heroes.

1. Go to defina.finance/mirror/

Click on [Add Hero] to select your 1st generation heroes.

2. Choose your Heroes

Press the [Add Hero] and select all of your heroes to mirror.

Note: Mirroring heroes costs a small amount of gas fees.

That’s it! You are done 😃

You can check your profile at defina.finance/profile/ under V2 Hero NFT

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens to the old versions of the Mystery Boxes?

Opening old generations of Mystery Boxes will still let you get A to SSS heroes. You will need to mirror them to the new

How about the skill and stats of heroes?

It will remain unchanged.

The updated website will be live on Tuesday, 15th of November at 2:00 pm UTC.

Thank you for supporting Defina!

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