Polygon x Defina AMA Recap

Hello Definians, we are so happy that many of you requested a recap of the AMA with our new partner, Polygon 💖 . We are joined by Jacq from Polygon Studios along with Kiki, our head of marketing, and Grass, our marketing manager. We also answered a few questions from the audience after too. So let’s get into what went down 💥.

AMA Recap🔊

Jacq: Hi thank you for joining us, it’s a pleasure to speak with you! Please tell us about yourself and what has inspired your team to create Defina 😊?

Kiki: Hi, I’m Kiki the head of marketing and with me I have our marketing manager, Grass. Both of us are representatives of Defina.

Grass: Hello! I love opening mystery boxes or mystic chests to have fun with the community.

Kiki: The team developed Defina as we are gamers at heart and with blockchain technology, a new gaming era is born to be experienced for everyone. Our team took note of various successful use-cases of blockchain games and how their Play-to-Earn model enabled these games to be a source of income for individuals whose jobs were affected by COVID. We just wanted to really involve the community and have fun, interactive gameplay.

Jac: Awesome! Please tell us about Defina, its gameplay, and how does it stand out from your competitors?

Grass: Defina is a gacha game running on blockchain and NFT technology where players can buy, trade or collect Hero NFTs to level up and battle Vrykos to save Humanity. There are four current game modes known as Adventure, Arena, Mining Pool and Vrykos Tower. Players will need 4 Hero NFTs to start and strategize their team in order to win. Competitive players are rewarded with FINA, the utility and governance token of Defina.

We value transparency with our community in terms of tokenomics by releasing transparency reports monthly which include FINA generated for the rewards pool, partnership announcements, and much more. Our NFTs are high-quality, utility-packed and with Finaverse incoming with land, guild and community driven NFT story arcs, it beats out our competitors as we are the first to implement such features ⚔.

Jac: Love it, thank you for explaining. Could you shout out the artist? I really do love the art! The characters are so well drawn.

Kiki: We have a group of very talented artists from all over the world including from our headquarters Ireland, around Europe, North America, Asia, and more. Everyone is so different which creates such a fun experience working together.

Jac: I really love that! So what are your achievements in terms of partnerships, community, and development?

Kiki: We have a long list of partners, notably: Seedify, Huobi, Enjinstarter, Chainlink, and OKX.

We are the first NFT create-to-earn community as your contributions to the Defina lore and community will be rewarded.

One of the finest examples is the community driven story arcs that are in production with the chosen members of the community that volunteered to be building the Defina world together.

We also have established some partnerships with other crypto communities. Partnerships will allow us to expand our brand to more countries all around the world. We look for partners that have the same mindset as us, who recognize and promote the progress of the underlying technology of the global blockchain industry. We also provide a full range of benefits to each prospective community and we always look forward to having meaningful strategic alliances with those who trust and support our vision.

I believe that Defina will continue to be successful because of our community members and how much they bring to the table. Since Defina is adopting a decentralized model, we make sure each and every member of the community is heard.

For example, we had a Discord channel to let loyal community members become beta testers to review and bring suggestions to improve the game. Moreover, all 28 heroes we released so far have a backstory created by our amazing players. Through each and every part of the game, our players are involved 🙂.

Jac: I love how there’s soo much community involvement in every step of the way! That’s really really exciting. What benefits do you see going cross-chain on Polygon?

Grass: When we researched Polygon, we realized it’s known to host high-quality NFT games. By cross-chaining to Polygon Network, it will increase Defina’s market exposure and provide low-cost gas fees with fast transaction speeds. It will also increase trust within the community that Defina is here to stay and grow with the community.

Jac: Yes, so exciting! we’re very happy to have you guys here 🧡. We really value protecting our audience. What is your consumer protection policy and how secure are your smart contracts?

Grass: Our smart contracts are all listed in our whitepaper, which you can access on our website. They are all audited twice by famous smart contract auditors- one of them being TrustLook. The NFT minting contract cannot be manipulated to get specific rarity as we have partnered with Chainlink to prevent malicious actors.

We are banning those who have used scripts and other softwares to gain an unfair advantage on playing Defina as they are a threat to the game’s ecosystem. We also compensate and reward those who find bugs in our contract. Furthermore, we have support in our Discord where you can speak with the moderators to help you in any aspect such as downloading the game or bugs you may have found directly.

Jac: Perfect! What are the recent developments in terms of your game? What can we look forward to in the future?

Kiki: We are currently focused on creating Finaverse. The gameplay will be updated to have an extra set of abilities for our NFTs known as Talent Blueprints. The 96,000 genesis NFT set will have an advantage over the second generation of NFTs. We will also have skins available at Finaverse.

Guilds are especially important in land gameplay. It will come out in Finaverse as well. The game will rely on the community to unlock new lands by working together as there will be a cumulative point system that players need to reach a certain quota to activate a new concept in the game server. We will share these concepts with our community little by little to give our community opportunities to continuously give us feedback to create the Finaverse together.

Jac: That’s so awesome! So why is Defina built on blockchain technology and not on a traditional platform?

Grass: Gacha games rely on the creation of new characters for the company profit in the game. Some players will pay for the character but never get the same value back as it is not tradeable. It is also bannable to trade your accounts on traditional platforms. Players are not rewarded nor the company protects its player from their hard work in the game. For example, if the game shuts down, all their hard work goes down the drain. This could be after years of dedication!

Blockchain and NFT technology fixes this as characters will be eternally saved in the blockchain and your hard work will be saved. Players will be able to save the value of their hard work and value they have spent on the game. If players want to quit, they can get back nearly the same or higher value of which they have paid for.

Jac: Yes, that’s something traditional players need to know! So when will the game officially launch? I heard you were in open beta.

Kiki: When Finaverse launches. It’s estimated to be released in 2 months, where we will be introducing new game modes, new characters and ready for mass adoption. There’s all different kinds of roles players can become and utilize their resources in various ways. We did just create a Finaverse article which you can find here:

Jac: That is awesome! What is Create-to-Earn in Defina? What does it look like exactly?

Grass: So create-to-earn in Defina is what it sounds like. When you make meaningful contributions to the community, you will be rewarded with FINA, mystery boxes, or other in-game items for being a helpful community member.

For example, if you make fan art of characters, you can win a lot of FINA or mystery boxes! We have a lot of community events where people can create valuable content for them to get rewarded.

Jac: So exciting! I just linked some of the amazing fan art below! What can players look forward to when joining Defina?

NeseN Zorro

Kiki: We just have one of the most amazing communities! They are a helpful community where you can ask questions about anything including team building synergies. It is a fun idle RPG gacha game for everyone. We will have around 2 months before the game officially launches, but the game is in beta and available for everyone to try out, you can download the game and take a look around. Even if you don’t have heroes to start with, browsing around our marketplace may also give you a better idea to build a team.

During this time, we will be receiving bug reports and suggestions from our community in our Discord to ensure that each member can be seen and heard to make the best game for you. Please join our Discord and follow our Twitter to receive the latest news, sneak peeks of game development and more events! We also just released some sneak peaks on land which you can see there. I’m just really looking forward to meeting everyone in the Discord and building Defina together.

Jac: So cool let’s have some guests on now!

Guest Questions

Naitik.Eth: Hi, how is Defina going to be different from all the other RPG’s out there?

Kiki: Our team’s dedication and effort to making a great game is really shown in our product. This could be our amazing artwork, the various fun game modes, and transparency between the community and team with feedback. So having the ability to earn on top of playing such a fun game is amazing.

This is just the start and we are building our Finaverse with our community members so it’s been such an amazing journey that we would love for you guys to embark with us. Another thing is that we have is the resilience to keep improving and we would love feedback anytime.

Jac: Yes I also see that one of the biggest things differentiating you guys from other games is your amazing community. Whether that be the effort they put into the fan art, making the lore, or other elements. It’s literally coming straight from the community! Here’s a second question.

$Cash Guild: Hey is the game live right now? Is it on Polygon? And is there a scholarship system?

Kiki: Yes the game is live right now with P2E on Binance Smart Chain! Defina will be on Polygon once Finaverse comes out. There is an unofficial scholarship system monitored by some trusted community members in the Discord so feel free to check that out.

Jac: Thank you so much for doing this! I am so excited!! The artwork is so amazing and I love how the community is so influential in your process. So hop onto that Defina Discord y’all! Any closing remarks?

Kiki: We just released a new arena bracket system to allow players of all investment amounts win prizes, so it’s fun seeing all the new crazy team formations! We will link our social media where you can follow us there. Hope you guys had fun in this AMA and understand more about Defina.

-Jac: Awesome thank you once again and hope you guys had a wonderful time. Cheers 🥳.

Thank you for tuning into our AMA Definians! Shout outs to our lovely host Jac and everyone that showed out at our event. Have a wonderful day and see you guys at the next one 💗.

About Defina

Defina is an innovative blockchain gacha game that embraces NFT technology that allows true ownership of acquired game assets in the game. Players can open Mystery Boxes, collect their favourite Hero NFTs and trade them in the marketplace. Level up your Heroes, Build amazing teams, Combat in PVP Arena and Battle Vrykos to save humanity from the brink of destruction! Defina’s vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. Come join us as we build the Defina Metaverse together!

Define your destiny, conquer your enemy & build with us daily!

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