Polygon x Defina AMA Recap

AMA Recap🔊

Jacq: Hi thank you for joining us, it’s a pleasure to speak with you! Please tell us about yourself and what has inspired your team to create Defina 😊?

Jac: Awesome! Please tell us about Defina, its gameplay, and how does it stand out from your competitors?

Jac: Love it, thank you for explaining. Could you shout out the artist? I really do love the art! The characters are so well drawn.

Jac: I really love that! So what are your achievements in terms of partnerships, community, and development?

We are the first NFT create-to-earn community as your contributions to the Defina lore and community will be rewarded.

Jac: I love how there’s soo much community involvement in every step of the way! That’s really really exciting. What benefits do you see going cross-chain on Polygon?

Jac: Yes, so exciting! we’re very happy to have you guys here 🧡. We really value protecting our audience. What is your consumer protection policy and how secure are your smart contracts?

Jac: Perfect! What are the recent developments in terms of your game? What can we look forward to in the future?

Jac: That’s so awesome! So why is Defina built on blockchain technology and not on a traditional platform?

Jac: Yes, that’s something traditional players need to know! So when will the game officially launch? I heard you were in open beta.

Jac: That is awesome! What is Create-to-Earn in Defina? What does it look like exactly?

Jac: So exciting! I just linked some of the amazing fan art below! What can players look forward to when joining Defina?

NeseN Zorro

Guest Questions

Naitik.Eth: Hi, how is Defina going to be different from all the other RPG’s out there?

$Cash Guild: Hey is the game live right now? Is it on Polygon? And is there a scholarship system?

Jac: Thank you so much for doing this! I am so excited!! The artwork is so amazing and I love how the community is so influential in your process. So hop onto that Defina Discord y’all! Any closing remarks?

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