Winners of the Defina Community Story Writing Contest

18 min readSep 24, 2021

Hello Definians!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in choosing their favorite stories and voting. Thank you again to our amazing Defina Writers for creating such beautiful stories and letting us read them during the week. It was such a treat! This is a crucial part of Defina as this ties the whole game together and makes up the whole universe. Without further ado, the winners are announced below:

🥳 The Winners!

Guan Yu — lennyhoneybee
The brightest shining light amongst the array of stars in Thoth’s Book faction, Guanyu is nothing short of a deity incarnate. Exploits from Guanyu’s previous life echoes on to this day, from village folklore to religious teachings, Guanyu’s name never fails to be mentioned with reverence and even worship. Being the very epitome of a war general, Guanyu’s phyiscal superiority, combat prowess and tactical genius is complemented by an unyielding sense of righteousness and loyalty that even gods dream about. Guanyu’s natural affinity for combat allows her to wield virtually any weapon with deadly consequence, with any foe eventually facing her Green Dragon Crescent Blade being guaranteed a swift end. As one of the last bastions of humanity facing down an unrelenting force of undead, the Thoth Books could not have stumbled upon a more decorated individual amongst their ranks.

Elizabeth Báthory–self

The Thoth’s Book faction is perfect for Elizabeth who can’t deny a certain sadistic tendency. This is the only place where she is not judged and can play out all her fantasies. In fact she considers herself lucky to be reincarnated into a time where she can go all out with armies of zombies at her disposal. She keeps it to herself that she actually has built a small zoo of zombies she is particularly attracted to, the “cute ones” as she says. Usually she practices dark magic or attacks on them to master and fine-tune her abilities. Elizabeth sees herself as the dark angle of justice and therefore has grown demonic wings that give her an edge in battle. In past reincarnations she committed murders and was commonly feared among humans. What not many do know is that she actually only got rid of those who actually deserved their punishment. This is a testament to her own sense of justice in face of the incompetence of those in power. She knows that when something needs to be finished correctly, she has to do it herself. And she’s usually right.

Helen of Troy —Jraphs

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in the case of Helen, she is the sight to behold. Helen, the true living embodiment of beauty and the daughter of Zeus, has been sought-after by many men and women alike. With her disarming looks, she lures her prey. With her seductive techniques, she serves the bait. Once they fall for her plays, she takes full advantage of it. Her specialty, Lost in Love, makes men fall down to their knees. Hell, her presence alone is enough to captivate and charm those around her. With the outbreak of the undead and her revulsion for their kind, she offers morality through her looks. She can’t help but yearn for the attention she sought from emotionless beings.

Paris —Jraphs

A dashing playboy and an overconfident marksman, Paris loves to wield his bow with precision and style. After causing The Great Trojan War, he joined the military and became notorious for being a deadly marksman. He was not particularly good in close combat but he would make up for it with his prowess in archery as every shot he took would always find its mark. Despite his talents, he was always living under his brother’s shadow which sparked his envy and a craving for the spotlight. With a second chance, Paris believes that he can build an even greater legacy by being the world’s savior from the undead. He has been criticized for not giving a damn about the people around him and treating the apocalypse as if it was a spectacle, but why should he care? As long as he gains wealth, glory, and especially women, nothing will stop Paris from taking center stage.

Homer — lennyhoneybee

Throughout the millennia of human existence, the only assured path to demise of civilizations at their apex has always been the ignorance of the past. An unparalleled master of the ancient lore, Homer brings the Thoth’s Book faction a much needed balance between experience and raw power. Having witnessed earth shattering wars amongst gods, Homer’s experience and understanding of battles provide a divine touch to her strategies, resulting in near prophetic victories. Having The Iliad as her most prized possession and memento, it is the only weapon that Homer needs to defend the human race, where we will all be reminded that battles are not won by sinew and steel, but by wisdom and intellect.

Florence Nightingale — lennyhoneybee

The Lady With The Lamp’s silhouette still resonate within the mind’s eye of all those who dare harbour any semblance of hope on a battlefield, as they dream of being blessed akin to the fortunate soldiers at Constantinople. Being a beacon of light, literally and figuratively, to all she came in touch with, Florence Nightingale is nothing short of a blessing for Thoth’s Book, where her prodigy of medicine, unrelenting belief for righteousness, and Embrace Of Revival will guide and augment her teammates towards invincibility against the Zombies. Florence Nightingale did not have medals and Pledges named after her for naught, and she just might be only living being capable of curing the zombie mutation without violence.

Akechi Mitsuhide — self

Akechi can’t deny a crazy side to her mind and methods, a trait that is nonetheless very much appreciated with Thoth’s Book where she has found peers that she can share her passion with. She received her hellish scythe, the “Blood Soul” as reward for slaying the terrifying zombie king Lonrazuhn. The vampiric scythe leeches blood from her enemies and thus heals her own wounds by transferring the life and soul energy into her own body, making it a nightmare for her enemies. Like in a trance, she dances on the battlefield, merging into the moment and forgetting time. This makes it almost impossible for enemies to keep track of her location, as she moves both unpredictably and even out of time. In her opinion life is to be enjoyed in a very playful manner. Nonetheless, she profits from her memories of past reincarnations by inheriting the sharp instincts of a samurai warrior who has honed the art of fighting over many decades.

Solomon — lennyhoneybee

There have been many references to Solomon through the years: Jedidiah, Sulayman, King, Prophet. The only certainty is that Solomon was a great leader with wisdom beyond the ages, and was revered by many to the point of worship. The reverence only intensified along the years, with several factions claiming that Solomon was also known as a magician and exorcist. One of her most potent weapons in her past life according to religious texts, was Solomon’s Key: a grimoire capable of conjurations, incantations to control demons and the dead. Now reinvented to complement her new form, she is able to wield the Key to Heaven and Hell, augmenting her teammates of Ouroboros at her will and conversely banishing zombies that cross her path to Solomon’s own version of a living hell.

Alfred Nobel — ace

Nobel is the mischievous but genius head scientist of Ouroboros. She livens up her surroundings by doing playful pranks on her teammates. She often gets scolded by Oda due to the mess she ends up making after enacting her pranks. But this does not stop her in planning more interesting tricks. As a seeker of knowledge, Nobel constantly tries to invent new theorems while incorporating old worldviews and postulates. Every day, she concocts different chemical solutions. Finding the optimal way of weaponizing each one of them is an easy task for her. Her doll, Caroline, serves as her inspiration when she hits an occasional snag. With her passion for explosive armaments, she was able to construct Mr. Pumpkin. This rocket launcher is able to fire numerous incendiary missiles. Each warhead can disintegrate the Vrykos into atoms. While reloading, she can hurl various chemical concoctions which can immobilize, or corrode the undead.

Oda Nobunaga — Jieret

Ruthless yet forgiving. Innovative and honor-bound. Brutal yet respectful. Oda Nobunaga is somehow all of these traits, everything and nothing like the many conflicting stories told about her. The lady herself does not care to address any of those rumors and scoffs when anyone tries to discuss anything with her that isn’t business or mission-related. (Speaking of history, no one has never agreed on why Honno-ji happened and even assuming they recall it clearly, neither Oda nor Akechi Mitsuhide will talk about it. But relations between the two are definitely on the frosty side.) Oda’s fighting prowess is a fearsome sight to behold, especially when she dons her Oni mask. But instead of joining a unit with a skirmishing focus like Prometheus’ Fire, she chose to align herself with Ouroboros. Why does she have such a keen interest in its research goals?

Hasan — Jieret

‘Nothing is true, everything is permitted.’ With those words as her mantra, Hasan joined Ouroboros. The organization’s doctrine of balance and duality most closely adhered to her belief that the full Truth can never be known and that individual action is all. Hasan chooses to spend her free time studying and rarely leaves her quarters when she doesn’t have to. Her looks and her air of mystery gained her quite the following; there is at least one fan club in Ouroboros devoted to her. Those who have faced Hasan’s dagger attest that it truly deserves its name of Suffocation, but they refuse to say why.

Nicolaus Copernicus — Jieret

Don’t be fooled by Nicolaus Copernicus’ wild rocker looks: The former mathematician and astronomer is an important member of Ouroboros’ Samsara Pool research team. Copernicus had no particular connection to music in his past life, but his interests had always been wide-ranging (Math, astronomy, economics, medicine, law….). He simply decided to pursue music in this lifetime with the same passion that guided him in his previous life, and as it turned out he’s pretty good at it. Copernicus hasn’t been able to convince either Mozart or Chopin to jam on a collaboration just yet though.

Hugo —Jieret

Victor Hugo spent much of his past life decrying social and national injustices. What, then, did he make of this new world he found himself in, one without governments as he knew them, one with a clearly defined enemy? He would do what he always did; use his talents in defense of the greater good. But instead of taking up the pen, he and his raven flock would protect his fellow citizens against the zombie menace. Not all sits well with Hugo, though. This world and his rebirth shattered many of his previous conceptions about the universe, and leave him with questions he struggles to answer.

Erwin Schrödinger — Jieret

Considering what Erwin Schrödinger is most known for by the general population, it somehow did not surprise that she was reincarnated as a cute catgirl. Or that she manages to attract cats to her all the time. Her furry friends do tend to interfere with her research into the Samsara Pools, however. Despite her looks, Schrödinger prefers to fight up close with razor-tipped claws. Her agility lets her dance and weave her way through enemies with nary a scratch on her.

Dante Alighieri —Jieret

Despite her youthful looks, Dante Alighieri is remarkably serene and wise. She never seems to panic in a fight and is able to calm her subordinates no matter the circumstances. Although much more restrained than her teammate Alexander the Great, she shares Alexander’s desire to retake and restore the devastated lands around them. Dante thinks everything — the reincarnations, the zombies, all of this — is part of a master plan. She believes that humankind is being tested, and when the mysteries of the world are solved and the trials are passed, we will achieve our Paradise. It is this unshakeable belief that fuels her composure. Dante’s Divine Comedy is an incredibly versatile weapon, capable of various attacks or buffs as she thinks the battle requires.

Hercules — Jieret

Those who watch Hercules laze around wonder how she fights. Those who watch Hercules fight wonder how anyone can call her lazy. People have a hard reconciling the two sides of Hercules; the fierce warrior that quickly smashes opponents with godly strength, and the Hercules that naps whenever possible. But it’s really very straightforward: Hercules’ favorite thing to do in the world is sleep. So when she fights, she ends it as soon as possible so she can return to her nap as quickly as possible. Her weapon Silent Sleep is aptly named; Hercules has granted scores of enemies the gift of unconsciousness with a single swing.

Cervantes— Jieret

Those who meet Cervantes quickly learn two things about her: She already considers you a friend, and she really is as eternally-cheerful as she seems. Boisterous and open, Cervantes’ personality may annoy some like the much more reserved Yi Sun-sin. But there isn’t anyone who objects to having her on their side in a fight. Cervantes truly believes that she and the Prometheus’ Fire faction make a difference in this grim, zombie-infested world. And for that reason she fights fervently no matter how many enemies stand in her way, displaying as much zeal as when she first awakened to this world. Cervantes dashes into every battle confident she will triumph. And why shouldn’t she? Zombies, windmills, it doesn’t matter. They all fall to her lance, the Giant’s Rib.

Beowulf — lennyhoneybee

There is a peculiar, indescribable excitement to having a myth incarnate amongst the ranks. The members of Prometheus’ Fire could barely believe it when Beowulf first appeared and pledged her allegiance, and with her exploits only retold in bedtime stories stemming from poorly translated texts, the cynicism was in no short supply. Over time, Beowulf’s combat prowess had proven to be the winning edge against the zombies, as she unleashed millennia of bottled up bloodthirst on her foes, smashing, grinding, and slicing her way through hordes of zombies with impunity. They are slowly beginning to believe that the Dragonforged Fist was indeed imbued with the scales of the dragon she had slain from ancient folklore

Yi Sun-sin — Jieret

Known as the “Maritime War God,” Yi Sun-sin is revered as a national hero in his native land. Not only has he never lost a battle due to his peerless ingenuity and naval tactics, he is also seen as a paragon of loyalty who continued to serve a nation that at one point accused him of

treason and nearly executed him. Yi is a very solemn warrior, a result of the stoic mindset he adopted to persevere during those troubled times. His unearthly calmness in battle makes him an excellent leader, but off the battlefield many find him overly grim. The only person who gets a reaction out of him is Cervantes, who somehow manages to provoke Yi into the occasional grimace or eye twitch. Even his longbow of choice demonstrates his serious nature, as it is simply named “Fire Arrow.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart —Jieret

A dignified and noble young man, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart strives to get along well with everyone. His poise and sophisticated manner often works to rein in some of his more boisterous teammates, and he’s become Prometheus’ Fire’s go-to whenever the occasional diplomacy or negotiation is required. Mozart is a collector of fine arts and his chambers are full of trophies from the past, secured directly during expeditions or acquired through barter. He sees a kindred spirit in Frédéric Chopin and likes to show off his pieces to her while trading musical ideas.

George Patton — lennyhoneybee

Every team needs a wildcard. George Patton’s antiques in the past life have been, to define mildly, polarizing. Never a stranger to controversy, he was integral in many victories in battles where he inspired his troops and led with example, charging into battle as bravely as he would into troubles on and off the battlefield. Sometimes, a little controversy is needed, a grand gesture required, to snap some out of their bubbles — and that is what George brings to the dwindling human race aplenty. Leading the lines with his Type S7–1 Support Gun, George Patton may yet play an unexpected role in saving the world.

Morgan le Fay — lennyhoneybee

Goddess, fay, witch, sorceress, protector — Morgan Le Fay has been depicted throughout history with a massive spectrum of personas, gradually developing in prominence and intrigue over the course of time. Also better known in modern lore as Morgana, the one aspect of Morgan Le Fay’s existence that most would agree as more is known about her past, is her moral ambivalence. From being a protector and guardian of Kings to being the usurper of thrones, her naturally gifted abilities seem to not have boundaries nor limitations. Morgan Le Fay’s unpredictability may appear as a liability to the Athena’s Aegis’ faction on the surface, but is considered to be unanimously accepted by her members as they acknowledge her unmatched abilities on both the battlefield and cunning off of it. The clouded fate of Athena’s Aegis will entirely hinge on their reliance of Morgan Le Fay’s ultimate allegiance.

Alexander the Great — Jieret

An incomparable general and ruler in a previous life, Alexander the Great is incredibly ambitious when it comes to reclaiming the Lostlands from the zombies. She constantly pushes to clear more territory for humankind, and sometimes needs to be reined in by her teammates. Alexander’s sword “Expedition’s Call” is a deceptively simple-looking weapon compared to some of the other champions. But her skill with the sword is unmatched by many, and the mere sight of it held high over Alexander’s head rallies and strengthens her soldiers.

Frédéric Chopin —Jieret

Frédéric Chopin is a shy, frail-looking girl who does not like to speak more than she has to. Unfortunately her reincarnation did not improve her consitution from her previous life, so she has to save her energy for crucial tasks. That makes it hard for her to casually interact with others, often leaving her on the sidelines socially. Because of that Chopin is often mistaken as emotionless, but anyone who hears her Phantom Score knows otherwise. She greatly enjoys comparing notes with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and tries to do so whenever she has the chance.

Hattori Hanzo — jraphs

They have her surrounded, assassins fill the room. Then a pop, as thick clouds of smoke spread. One by one, the assassins were taken out. Little did they know, they faced the demon Hanzo: a master of stealth, able to outmaneuver her opponents through her years of takedowns and assassinations. Her experience as a master of the shadows remains unprecedented. With her trusty Shadow Stars, she can kill with deadly precision. Her blade cuts down those unsuspecting. Leaving a mark with her distinguishable assassin-style swordsmanship. Before the undead ravaged humanity instead of assassinations, the only thing she cuts down is fish. A reserved, yet delighted sushi chef. However, she’s quickly adapted and trained in the shadow arts to be the deadly assassin she is now.

Cleopatra — Jieret

Cleopatra is a striking woman and she knows it. She loves to play the role of the languid temptress, but those who take her at face value quickly learn the error of their ways. As the administrative commander of Athena’s Aegis, her true strength is the brains behind her beauty — her intellect and her commanding presence. Cleopatra seems to have an innate sense to know how to convince others to see things her way, and it has come in very handy in her job managing the human settlements. Disturbances and disputes have fallen sharply since she assumed the role.

Jeanne d’Arc— Jieret

Losing her previous life in the fight to free her country unjust invaders, Jeanne D’Arc’s passion for defending the weak and downtrodden made her a natural fit for Athena’s Aegis upon her awakening. She is a constant ball of energy around the organzation, but her earnestness keeps others from getting annoyed with her. She carries out her missions and faces her enemies with zeal and fortitude. Jeanne inspires the same in her soldiers. How could they not follow, when she holds her banner high into every battle?

Zorro —Jraphs

Justice is all that matters, the law is irrelevant to him when other lives are at stake. A scholar in the morning and a masked vigilante at night, Zorro is a cunning yet deadly swordsman with the gift of gab. With his trusty rapier, he seeks to protect and aid the poor by any means necessary. With a bounty that never stopped rising, Zorro is always ready and on the move. Nobody was ever successful in catching him, the only thing that was left in every crime scene was his signature mark: the letter Z. After crossing the border of fiction and reality, Zorro was lost and out of place. The thought of his entire world and existence being a fantasy deeply scared him. However, with the cries of the people echoing throughout the ravaged lands, Zorro suddenly recalled his purpose. He picks up his rapier and roams the land to fulfill what he was meant to be, a hero for the common man.

Countries Map Visual — RunaXBT

Reward Distribution

Congratulations to all the winners! Your story was of one the most voted amongst a talented pool of people, we are very proud and can’t wait to include it in game! You will be contacted shortly to receive your rewards 🥰. Winners will get $5/hero story. We will reward all the writers who submitted the project to be entitled to the first round of presale NFT purchase, thanks for all your hard work!

We picked 1 out of the top 3 stories for each hero, since the Discord voting system was not the best. It was hard for us to choose the best one as all of the pieces are so well written, rest assured our team reviewed all submissions and put a lot considerations into it. ❤

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