Defina’s Bi-Weekly Report 2023: January 16th — January 31st

4 min readMar 6, 2023

Hello Definians!

The Lunar New Year celebration is truly blessed! The month of January is closing in with so much goodies. Multiple partnerships were announced, along with extremely high prize pools, giveaways and lucrative social events! Truly this is the best way to start the year!

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Without further ado, Here’s the list of events that has transpired on January 16th to 31st.

Defina x BalthazarDAO Guild War Patch Discussion

On January 19, BalthazarDAO hosted an AMA in their private Discord regarding our latest game update, Guild Wars ⚔️.

There were only 25 SPOTS to join their discord, are you one of the lucky ones?

#DefinaFlex Your NFT Campaign

On January 17, we have launched an event where players #DefinaFlex their NFTs in Twitter!

Anyone can become a player of Defina!
FreeMint the Hero NFTs here:

The highest likes and retweets will get the largest prize!


PlayAscenders x Defina Giveaway

On January 20, we have collaborated with PlayAscenders, a sci-fantasy, open world action RPG with a fully decentralized, player driven economy powered by Avalanche!

Go to their tweet and check the mechanics!


Lunar New Year 2023 Galxe NFT

On January 21, the start of the Lunar New Year, we have launched a new Free Mint series powered by Galxe! Enjoy the Lunar New Year with gorgeous art and may you have a blessed Eve!

Collect them all!

Mint here:

Guild Wars ⚔️Game Guide

On January 22, we have released a quick-start guide to play the new update!

Read the article below for more information!

Defina x Wizardia PVP Tournament

On January 16, Wizardia hosted a PVP tournament with Defina with a large prize pool and with multiple NFTs!

Did you enter the tournament? Share us on Discord on what you did!

Defina x Polygon AMA

On January 24, Polygon hosted an AMA with Defina and great GameFi regarding the role of utility of Web3 gaming.

Did you miss out? Here’s the text version of the AMA

Joepegs x Defina LNY Giveaway

On January 27, Defina has collaborated with Joepegs to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the leading one-stop NFT marketplace on #Avalanche now live on #BNB. Joepegs empowers creators and collectors in shaping the future of digital art and ownership.

There’s quite a lot of events centered in the Lunar New Year! Get all the freebies!

Last but not the least,

Defina Guild Wars First Season

January 31st, 2023 at 3:00AM UTC is the start of the very first Guild Wars. Multiple guilds have been preparing ever since the start of the Guild War Patch Update. The tension is very high and everyone is excited on who will take the very first crown in the guild wars.

To celebrate, we made an another Galxe NFT collectible!

Mint the collectible here:

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